Maria no Oyuki

Maria no Oyuki

"Oyuki, the Virgin" is based on Kawaguchi Matsutaro’s adaptation of Maupassant’s “Boule de Suif” “Lump of Fat,” also the inspiration for Ford’s Stagecoach. To this story Mizoguchi added some of his own elements. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lovro H (it) wrote: Woooaaah. This was an excellent low-budget horror! One of the better ones, and it really packs a punch! Werewolves, aliens and ghosts all in one movie in 71 minute. Yes, it's quite a lot of things for such a short movie, but this movie handles it very well, allthough the ending could use a bit more work... The story is interesting, and the acting was superb! The effects on the other hand looked cheap, but the atmosphere and the fact that it was all a found-footage type of thing made it look terrifying! All in all, a very good horror movie that will please horror fans!

Simon P (jp) wrote: Smalltime indie film that, if nothing else, perfectly captures the frustrating impossibleness of being a man.

Donna L (fr) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie although I saw no real point, hehe.

Maryam S (es) wrote: what a waste of time!

Julia P (de) wrote: I regret spending almost 3 hours with this movie. the acting is poor, the plot is completely unclear, and if there was a higher meaning to all this crap I surely didn't get it.

Joe A (de) wrote: Lundgren again directs and stars and it is a marked improvement over Dolph's previous directorial efforts. Story of an assassin betrayed and marked for death trying to save his family shows a quicker pace and much better handling of the action sequences then in past efforts. Dolph still surrounds himself with women young enough to be his daughter and gives himself far more dialog then he should have but, he doesn't do too badly as a somber assassin wanting out of the game so, we'll cut him some slack.

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First viewing - Teen years)

Kevin R (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this as a kid

Rob A (de) wrote: Fellini's final masterpiece (coming exactly 10 years after his comeback film Amarcord and exactly 20 years after his greatest masterwork 8 1/2) is a paean to the world of music. Absurdist in tone (the film draws attention to it's own overdone makeup and artificial production design) the movie paints an almost affectionate view of a shipful of bourgeois artists as they come together through music, with the serventry, a band of gypsies and one lovesick rhinocerous.

Guillaume H (ag) wrote: Bye bye Hollywood for Ingrid Bergman,diving courageously in the twisted world of Ingmar, and nailing it from the 1rst note. A devastating story, and a poetic cinematography, Liv Ullman is by now a sacred monster of acting and generates a brilliance that transform everything she touch. Both actresses are here fearless, and the director is very lucky but fully deserves them.

Michael Y (gb) wrote: Likeable by fans, weird for others. Those are words used a lot for Godzilla movies, and though I am an avid Godzilla fan, Destroy All Monsters lacks the originality. The '60s and '70s were weird times for B-movies and Godzilla movies, and though some of them are pretty enjoyable, This movie was more or less made just to put every single monster Toho. Co had created so far into the same movie. The story is pretty much the same as most Godzilla movies around that time. Back then, B-movies focused on a lot of "outer space" movies involving aliens, so it was a given that this movie would go in the same direction too. Though Godzilla movies do have little things that are different pretty interesting, this movie doesn't even introduce a new monster. (Though it brings back the fan favourite, Ghidorah) The technical side you ask? Well, when it comes to that, Godzilla movies always deliver. Awesome costumes, cheesy effects, lots of explosions, but one of the best things about Godzilla movies back in the day was the music composed by the talented Akira Ifukube. Godzilla movies really do have the best music in them. I'm not that crazy about the rise of the children friendly Godzilla of the '60s and '70s, but that's what you get from the hippie, Cold War era. But there are a few that are really enjoyable, like Mothera vs. Godzilla and Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster. Things don't really pick up till the sweet sweet '90s.

Anti R (ca) wrote: A film about prostitution that makes you believe that women want to be prostitutes, that they are "sexy during the day" that they comes from a bourgeois background and that they are happy to do this. Not a word about the 99.99% of prostitutes for whom life is a living hell, not a word about these immigrants who come from the "third" world to be sold, against their will to rich Americans. They want to make western men believe that all prostitutes are white and look like Catherine Deneuve ! After "Paris at all prices" that made you believe that illegal immigrants live in luxury, this french film gives men a good conscience to go see whores. This is sick.

Emod L (mx) wrote: 44%It drags a lot and the main story is boring, but fans will get joy out of the charm of guys in rubber suits battling to the death.

Ringo E (es) wrote: A creepy ghost story with a lot of atmosphere directed by Mario Bava.

Paul D (br) wrote: There's a couple of interesting scenes in terms of 50's Hollywood cinema, but on the whole, apart from being historically inaccurate it is a lame escape from 'Indians' film.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: The always likeable William Powell does a wonderful job in this charming little comedy about a cantankerous father who refuses to save his soul if it means he has to get baptized.

Michael C (it) wrote: Such a great movie, aliens aren't getting away with my attacking my block. Great characters, setting and premise in this Brit import. Love this flick.

Peter R (ag) wrote: Sean bean takes on radical extremist's with superpowers.

John H (au) wrote: Surprisingly muted, especially since this is a CinemaScope film back when that was reserved for blockbusters. But it tells a lyrical- and admirably even-handed- tale of the mixed blessings of progress.

Ellen G (au) wrote: Doris var en slapp og stussel karakter.