Marie and Bruce

Marie and Bruce

Based on a play by Wallace Shawn, the film is a dark but comical glimpse at one day in the breakdown of a marriage.

Based on a play by Wallace Shawn, the film is a dark but comical glimpse at one day in the breakdown of a marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy G (it) wrote: Should have one the ocsar for best foreign film very emotional and realistic.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: Despite its flaws...I lovesss my guns! So this bleeding heart tale did nothing for me. LORD OF WAR, now that's a anti-gun flick!

Calum B (mx) wrote: This film is one of the most touching and lovely films that I have seen in many years. Its gaggle of actresses are second to none and turn out excellant performance, Joan Plowright in particular brings an irresistable sweetness to the role. People who have commented on the film so far seem to have neglected to mention the soundtrack which is beautiful and inspiring with a wonderful piano piece. Criticism that the film is too old fashioned or that the characters are unappealing and pompous seems to miss the point, the very charm of Hester (Maggie Smith in particular)is how she overcomes her snobbery at the end and realises how much Elsa (Cher, who in any other film would doubtless be misplaced but in this case fits the role like a glove) has done for the Scorpioni. In short the film is a relic of a gentler age and is simultaniously uplifting, upsetting and relaxing. I implore everyone to hunt down the soundtrack on CD to the ends of the earth if necissary.

MacDara C (au) wrote: (Watched Mon 16 Jan 2012) A lightly humorous look at the world of Star Trek fandom.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: My favourite Buttgereit film. Its not as sick as the Necromantik films but still shocking. Well shot with a good story of a serial killer slowly dying and his life of crime flashes before him.

RajanSatish P (it) wrote: Robert De Neiro ,Ed Harris & Kathey Baker a very powerful drama. Loved it

Gregory W (jp) wrote: not one of Wilder's better efforts

Ray J (gb) wrote: This is also one of my favorite Elvis movies because of the music and story and less because of Elvis's acting. Most of his movies are pretty bad.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: That cover looks rude for a second.

Chris F (es) wrote: The 10th Disney Animated Feature is a kind of sequel to Make Mine Music. It is a decent film but nothing really stood out to me. Overall it was a moderately entertaining watch.

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: Not good movie to watch

Adam S (jp) wrote: This is probably one of the worst disney movies ever. I think it is only for little kids, thanks to the colorful visuals, the dull plot and the characters. It`s not the worst movie ever made, but it`s bad.

Brett H (it) wrote: A massive step-down from the already lower quality of the orignal, Contracted: Phase 2 spins its wheels for most of the runtime without offering much in the way of innovation and with an abysmal 70-minute runtime, doesn't justify its own existence. The plot picks up directly after the events of the first film as we now follow the moronic, Riley character who has now "contracted" the virus and begins going through the same horrors that Sam did previously. The real downside to this film is that the filmmakers don't seem to be taking any of the material seriously and at times it feels like a black comedy instead of the apocalyptic outbreak film they are so desperately trying to set up. We get to learn a bit more about the villains and what they're trying to accomplish, but most of the revelations feel half-assed and it sort-of contradicts the method of contamination that was used in the first film. Basically, this sequel is a placeholder to set up a larger universe with a mid-credit scene that sets up a third, doomsday-level entry; but if that day ever comes, I'm not quite convinced I'll ever give it a go. This film does have a pretty sweet idea where a girl affected with the virus tries to take her contact out and instead takes the whole eye, but her less-than-convincing reaction pretty much ruins the moment.