Marilena de la P7

Marilena de la P7

Andrei, a 13 year old teenager, living on Bucharest outskirts, decides one day to steal a trolleybus in order to impress Marilena, a prostitute he fell in love with.

Andrei, a 13 year old teenager, living on Bucharest outskirts, decides one day to steal a trolleybus in order to impress Marilena, a prostitute he fell in love with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey S (es) wrote: This was a very moving production. Well written, powerful story telling.

SFG 7 (nl) wrote: "Heaven and hell are the same place."

Kane L (au) wrote: I believe that this films worst mistake was publicising an alternate title 'devil's child' which directly imposes that the title character is evil. My expectations were rather low for this little film, and for good reason, I hadn't heard very much about the film at all. I expected a horror movie echoing the omen and orphan, and perhaps for the film to end with some sort of intense showdown between kiddy and parents in which kiddy gets thrown out of window and parents live miserably ever after. I was pleasantly surprised to discover otherwise. Joshua is NOT a horror film, and even borders on a drama film despite being more centred in the psychological thriller sub-genre. All the performances are brilliant, especially jacob kogan at such a young age. joshua plays out more like a roman polanski film, utilising surroundings and building suspenseful scene by suspenseful scene until a recognisable pile of suspenseful scenes leads to a justified conclusion. Joshua, despite his actions is in many ways a character to empathise towards. Every character seems to have their own journey to complete in this film which makes it so much easier to establish care for them. The ending was a little unexplored and I would've loved in more of the story emphasised the conclusion, but that said, Joshua is a genuinely chilling and sad film, emulating an old fashioned filming approach and boasting a versatile cast.

Philip G (ca) wrote: Entertaining cop movie mixes the very good (Anthony Wong as a likeable anti-hero) and the not-so-good (Michael Wong, and his boring character's annoying habit of peppering English into the conversation). The plot is little better than average, and the fight scenes are of the brutal, quick-cut variety (of which I am not a fan). Yet the bits of comedy work well, and it all gels together thanks to aforementioned Anthony Wong's cool, corrupt-cop-turns-good performance.

Alex M (it) wrote: Slow, plodding, and unevenly edited. Pryce is stellar as Lytton, but I didn't find Thompson's Carrington to be very sympathetic.

Jennifer I (jp) wrote: Nick Cave >>>>>> Brad Pitt.

Andrew L (jp) wrote: Probably the best action film ever made. Wit, thrills & grit.

Private U (gb) wrote: Below par low budget horror. It all went down hill after the excellent title sequence. The Death Ship looked great and the premise could have been worked much better, if they had invested some time in better kills, and pacing.

David G (jp) wrote: Restored Criterion edition. Yup. Still love this film. Still a favorite. Her non-Brit accent still doesn't bug. Why? Polanski's best film? Maybe.

Rowena A (es) wrote: Surprisingly funny and enjoyable.

Paul B (mx) wrote: Apart from his signature circular camera movement thing at the start, a few heavy-handed moments ramming the message home and a horrible, cringeworthy ending, you'd hardly know that you were watching a Spike Lee joint. Way too long at 2:40 minutes, but engaging and self-assured, well-acted by the ensemble cast with some interesting characterisations on the whole. I enjoyed it. Worth a watch.