Marina (Tamil: மெரினா) is a Tamil film directed by Pandiraj starring Siva Karthikeyan, in his feature film debut and Oviya in the lead roles. The movie released on feb 3rd, 2012. It received mixed reviews

A look at the lives of people for whom, Marina beach is practically their home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy J (ru) wrote: Dragonfyre is a film about fantasy creatures coming to earth to find a fugitive princess and the US military veteran who becomes the guardian who can save her.Plot wise the concept is cheesy but fun, orcs and a dragon running around in the American west is fun. Unfortunately there are too many unanswered questions, like why are the orcs and the crazy witch lady after the princess? How many orcs are there, even approximately (a single establishing shot of the whole orcish horde would have fixed that). Why does White Feather know all this stuff, or do we just assume that all Native Americans know mystical stuff? Why is the big orc suddenly unhappy with the fate of his people? Why do the orcs just give up at the end?Really the plot just needed a few more scenes for background, a few more establishing shots, and it would have been fine.There's no question that the first act of the movie is almost unwatchable, with constant shaky cam and frequent dutch angles even in establishing shots or shots that *try* to hold on text. Latter on though, the camera work goes into the competent range, and the shots are reasonably well composed.While the orcs looked like extras from a Lord of the Rings movie, the dragon looked surprisingly good, it was well modeled, textured, and animated. Really, you could just watch the dragon scenes and skip the rest of the movie.All of the blood, explosions, and fire are badly composited CG effects, and the fire is especially bad, in one scene the whole of our hero's house explodes in fire after the dragon set the roof on fire (in itself a rather baffling occurrence, was there a gas leak?). Later the house is shown with just the roof on fire, no broken glass, and no fire damage bellow the top few feet of the house.While the dragon was great (and looked nothing like the thumbnail art on Netflix or the poster on Rotten Tomatoes, which is s shame, since I like the movie's dragon better) honestly they should have spent some of that dragon money on a CG orc horde establish shot, and some CG fire that has a smoother color gradient.Overall most of the movie is either unwatchablly shot or bafflingly incoherent and unexplained. Someone should make a "fan" edit of the film that cuts out every scene not involving the dragon.

Carlos F (it) wrote: not as scary as the first but a great continuation of the story

Elgan D (gb) wrote: Richard Gere has never been held in particularly high regard as actor but here he is perfectly cast as ageing hedge fund magnate who's life quickly unravels. A well written script with plenty of drama but the climax is a little weak.

Yannis S (jp) wrote: Gore galore and some good special effects in a standard textbook horror/ scifi plot. Not bad for those who love their ultra- cheapo b-movies

Saeed R (jp) wrote: beautiful masterpiece

Melody M (us) wrote: A little hokey, but very sweet and I really like the message. I also like the memories of Coober Pedy that it brought back.

Justin O (it) wrote: They need to stay sealed.

stefano l (ca) wrote: An example of the worst scifi possible.

Cindy N (au) wrote: Profoundly sad and depressing. I will always be haunted by the eyes of the children featured and the many more affected.

Pathrik J (nl) wrote: Despite some questionable acting i actually enjoyed watching this. Pretty much the same as the first, regarding quality and watchability.

Joe C (ag) wrote: This movie is so cool with excellent martial arts and fantastic swordplay. The best of Hark Tsui's movies.

Private U (de) wrote: very very very early one with jacky ?

Mike W (de) wrote: Kevin Costner truly is a great cyclist in this film!

sean h (gb) wrote: A supercool and gritty movie from the 1970s - a decade of cinematic awesomeness!

Jace F (de) wrote: Awesome favorite.

Manny C (mx) wrote: Sure, it's a super old romantic comedy, but stale it's not. Michael Gordon's richly stylized classic has America's Sweetheart Doris Day going at it with hunky Rock Hudson in a hilarious battle of the sexes chock fill of double entendres and risque subtext. Day is a hard-wired interior designer sharing a telephone party line with Hudson's songwriting bachelor. As is expected they bicker, and fall right into one another's arms. Nominated for five Oscars, Pillow Talk ignited the iconic pairing of Day and Hudson, leading to two more films, but nothing beats Pillow Talk.

Dyron W (us) wrote: Painfully flat and unfunny.