Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Marine is rightly named the "Necklace of Bombay", however, some criminal elements have been misusing this street to carry out their smuggling activities. One such individual is Khanna (...

Marine is rightly named the "Necklace of Bombay", however, some criminal elements have been misusing this street to carry out their smuggling activities. One such individual is Khanna (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erwan A (ru) wrote: Pour : la photographie. Contre : tout le reste.

WS W (ru) wrote: An example showing how an interesting subject had been wasted by such a coarse & poorly organized narrative.

Adam P (mx) wrote: This has got to be one of my least favorite Disney Short's. The plot is way to weird, and formalic, and while the animation is half way decent it's way to long for comfort. Not one of the better shorts, i'm fairly disappointed with this one. C-

Abel D (br) wrote: Schmaltzy for sure, but its affectionate lens on childhood and imagination is hard to resist. Having a solid trio of actors and a moving score by Patrick Doyle certainly help.

Danny R (au) wrote: Larry Clark's strikingly brutal drama which is based on actual events. About a group of amoral and sexually promiscuous high school kids who plan to murder one of their own, a heartless bully named Bobby Kent, played superby by Nick Stahl, who is the college bound golden boy of the group and is also a repressed homosexual and sadistic rapist that loves to torment and sexually abuse them. Especially his handsome, slow-witted best friend Marty Puccio, who he has bullied since childhood and has a homoerotic, sadomasochistic relationship with him. Marty is played brilliantly by the late Brad Renfro, who delivers a sensitive and realistic performance, he captures Marty's pain and the simmering rage just beneath the surface as the frequent victim of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the cruel self-loathing Bobby, who makes Marty have phone sex with older men for money and further humilates him by also making him dance on stage at a gay strip club so patrons can stuff bills into his shorts. Even Marty's new girlfriend Lisa, well played by Rachel Miner, is not safe from Bobby's abuse, one day while having sex with Marty she is attacked, beaten and raped by Bobby who storms into the room knocking Marty off of her with a thick leather belt. Lisa's best friend Ali, played excellently by Bijou Philips, has also been viciously raped by Bobby, while he makes her watch a hardcore gay porn video. Lisa who is fed up with the way Bobby treats Marty and the sexual abuse she and Ali have endured by him, comes up with the idea to kill him as a way to solve everyones problem, they lured him to the Everglades wetlands where he is stabbed and savagely beaten to death, but that of course does not end the trouble in these teenagers aimless lives. Expertly directed by Clark, the controversial photographer and filmmaker who makes an impressive feature debut with this hard hitting film. Exceptional supporting performances by Michael Pitt, Kelli Garner, Daniel Franzese and Leo Fitzoatrick. Intense and absolutely riveting, the film contains full-frontal nudity, graphic sex, graphic violence and non-stop profanity. Note: the film's young star, the talented Brad Renfro, who was one of the hottest teen idols of the 90s, and was discovered at the age of 10, making his brilliant film debut in "The Client," which starred Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones, suffered from addiction problems in his teens and early twenties which hampered his career, sadly he died of an accidental heroin overdose on January 15, 2008 at the age of 25. A fascinating but difficult motion picture to watch, and not for all taste. Highly Recommended.

Robert H (es) wrote: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME is a visual feast (especially for 1998) that explores some weighty themes, but ultimately feels artificial and thinly painted. Robin Williams is Chris Nielsen, a doctor who suffers a great tragedy and ultimately is taken by fate as well. While in the afterlife, he goes on a journey to reunite himself with his wife. First of all, let me say that I don't subscribe to a belief in an afterlife, but the fact that the movie treats it as an objective thing wasn't really a problem for me. What was a problem was that the whole story was set up so quickly that the core relationship you're supposed to care about wasn't believable. Sure, the screenwriter covered themselves by having Chris and his wife (Annabella Sciorra) be "soulmates," but this felt like a cop-out from actually doing some character development and building a believable relationship. However, the sentiment expressed by Chris' journey is an understandable one. It tells the story of a man who literally goes to hell and back just to be with the one he loves. Aside from that, the best part of the movie is the visual flair with which the afterlife is realized. One of Chris' passions is painting, and his early experiences there are very much painting-like. This film won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1999, and from what I could tell, it was definitely deserved. The effects weren't necessarily realistic, but they were impressionistic and artistic. On the downside, the metaphysical content and ideas are practically shoved down the viewers throats. There are many conversations laden with language that's supposed to sound like it's important, but the story never really lives up to these lofty ideas. Also, when you create a fantasy world there are often rules established to that everything isn't pure chaos. Here, there are some rules established but the film doesn't stick to them. At times, it's unclear how the afterlife works, which could be confusing to some people (assuming they even believe in such a thing). Overall, this is a very spiritual film that aspires to greatness but is only good. Robin Williams and the rest of the cast give excellent performances, but the visuals only serve to paint over the cracks in the story.

Ben W (ca) wrote: Cornwall and surfing; bit like Ant & Dec's "chums" ("Friends" in Newcastle). What other UK landmarks could be used instead of US ones for TV/film? Humber Bridge is fairly impressive... but would spiderman visit Hull?

Louise A (de) wrote: acteurs geniaux, realisation delicate, film bouleversant.

Zachary L (gb) wrote: Wheni was around 6 or 7 I saw this movie and the movie "Once Bitten" and i loved them both but i like this one better. Then about 4 years later I totally forgot about them........Then I was at walmart one day and there was this one DVD shelf and it said above it " The Lost Collection"..."The Best Movies You Totally Forgot About" I looked below and there it was this movie and Once bitten..I was so happy but I only had enough money to get 1 so of course I chose this one....

Walter M (it) wrote: Upon their arrival at a new borstal, Angel(Alrick Riley) and Carlin(Ray Winstone) are given a lecture from Sands(John Judd), the headmaster, before the beating from Banks(John Blundell), the lead bully, which they conveniently give the same lie to Sands about. If for no other reason, it is because of the color of Angel's skin and the threat Carlin might present. Luckily for himself, Archer(Mick Ford) presents no threat even though he would like to be able to read Russian literature. Maybe once a time, "Scum" might have seemed disturbing with its acute depictions of violence but time has softened its impact which has as much to do with recent basic cable programming as the fact that somehow Ray Winstone is much more intimidating in middle age than as a baby faced young man. I speak for everyone when I say that Archer is my favorite character but sometimes too much attention is paid to him, especially in an extended conversation that almost brings the movie to a halt. In any case, race is the underlying theme here in an institution where the adults seem much more interested in arcane rules than in preventing harm from two prisoners who use violence towards two radically different agendas.

Bill B (mx) wrote: The Charles' head to his hometown to relax, only to get caught up in a murder mystery (as is their custom), during which Nora desperately tries to impress on her father-in-law just how good her husband is as a detective, since dear old dad has always seen him as a layabout..They ditched the kid ("He's in kindergarten, we didn't want to take him out of school") in favor of giving us Nick and Nora sleuthing free of a diaper bag, but having Nick sober loses some of the character's flavor.Worth a rental.

Meara L (it) wrote: couldn't get into it

Sean F (ca) wrote: Beetlejuice is a very strong and hilarious movie. Michael Keaton gives one of his best performances and gives a sense of danger of what bad will go down if you say his name. This movie has a great sense of fun

Chris E (de) wrote: A few plot holes here and there, but overall, a well put together, enjoyable movie about vengeance and brotherly love. Ending was well put together and not rushed.

James H (it) wrote: In my opinion. Spielberg has started to become less relevant as of recent years with a spell of average films. This one however is superb, the best one he has made in years. The cinematography is stunning and the film stays true to the original story. Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks, that's a given but Mark Rylance is also fantastic. He steals every scene that he is in. There is some wit that comes with this to relive a little bit of the colossal tension that builds throughout, you can tell the Coen brothers were involved with the writing.