A group of Ghost Hunters discover a powerful force that puts one of their members in great danger.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Marked 2007 full movies, Marked torrents movie

A group of Ghost Hunters discover a powerful force that puts one of their members in great danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (ca) wrote: Nothing much to redeem this slow paced disjointed mix of stranger danger / ghost horror - with a ghost who takes out her frustration regarding what was admittedly a horrible yet partially accidental death on those who are guilty of nothing more than being in the area.

Barnaby G (au) wrote: Inspirational. If only more women were in power.

Jarkko S (us) wrote: Tysin 3D-animoitu tieteistoiminta-anime, jossa nukkemaiset ja tylst hahmot krvistelevt taisteluiden lomassa. Teemotus on kliseemist, eik juonesta jaksa innostua, kun tunnelma on jo pilalla. 3D-miljt on sentn kauniisti animoitu.

Aaron R (br) wrote: Despite its bias and flaws, this is a powerful documentary that everyone should see so that they better understand the world from an African perspective. It makes many good points despite imitating many of the flaws it condemns: ethnocentrism, blaming, and a lack of responsibility for a people's actions in perpetuating their own predicament. Having mostly British intellectuals speak about the need to be African when they themselves carry European accents and values strikes me as somewhat hypocritical and elitist: this is hardly a film that comes from a man on the street's perspective. There is also the contradictory issue of Africans not being judged by the color of their skin while, in the meantime, they view the world entirely in terms of race. Moreover, the diversity of the continent is oversimplified, in my opinion, to make African-ness more palatable for culturally adrift Africans in the diaspora who are seeking some sort of validation and identity. The end result smacks of a superficial African-ness that is expressed on college campuses and bought in head shops. Islam is considered to be "African" despite the legacy of Arab colonialism, and there is almost no mention of Africans' own responsibility in perpetuating many of their social problems; rather, everything bad in the African world is, and partially rightly so, caused by the legacy of slavery. The end result is a documentary that, in its heavily Marxist, value laden perspective, will make you feel guilty if you are white. That said, it is also a valid, largely even handed study that is badly needed in the frank discussion of racial equality.

Greg W (de) wrote: The film is entirely within the caught-on-the-run tradition of cinema verite, which makes it all the grittier and its conclusion all the more wrenching.

Ashley w (de) wrote: good story good acting

Mallory A (de) wrote: Well its Ken Russell, so the film goes "there" in several bizarro sequences. It surely is never boring.

Eleanor K (mx) wrote: Mucho stinko !!!!!!!!!!!

Joel A (ru) wrote: A beautiful poetic film about simply love conquering all. A clever concept of the devil sending 2 envoy's to a castle in Medieval times to create division & suffering.Filled with some scenes & lush stunning photography this film truly is worth the watch. The concepts in this film are excellent & the French Actor who plays the devil is sensational.Ultimately love stays strong & with beautiful costumes & music this film is just a real gem.

Jens S (mx) wrote: Unnecessary remake that is still somewhat entertaining during the set-up but totally falls apart during the infamous prom scene. Even the great Chloe Moretz feels oddly out of place channeling X-Men gestures as she is laying waste to the small town. There is nothing scary about this film except for her mother's religious fanaticism. And the final anti-mobbing statement feels really dumb.

Allan F (ca) wrote: With Tom Cruise's game changing performance and Michael Mann's satisfying direction, Collateral is a thriller that has a lot of depth in it's dialogue and characterization.

Leigh B (mx) wrote: If someone's made a better film than this, I haven't seen it!