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Zach M (ag) wrote: One of the better animated movies to come from Marvel. A young Thor and Loki get into trouble trying to retrieve a sword with the warriors three.The animation is alright and the voice work was decent.The story itself was actually fairly interesting and is the highlight of the film.

Jeremy C (es) wrote: A very funny short film. It also has good animation. But it isn't perfect.GRADE:B

Alex N (ag) wrote: This is the worst movie I have ever seen. We watched the whole thing in disbelief. I thought surely this must get better at some point, but I assure you it doesn't.

Aaron D (de) wrote: Absolutely horrible camera work and acting. In fact, the acting is bad enough that it is almost hard to remember which one is which throughout a majority of the film. Not completely worthless, but unfortunately not worth the time.

Donnie B (mx) wrote: Perfect? No. Engaging and fun? You bet.

Arslan K (au) wrote: Let's have dick jokes because that's hilarious....

Corey D (ca) wrote: Loved Tara Spencer-Nairn in this(mind you i love her in general but it still stands)

Matthew J (ag) wrote: It gets 3 stars simply for all the boob and the extra star for all the super cheese. This is like mixing the A-Team with Charlies Angels and Playboy. It's great.P.S. It's clearly a guy movie.

Jonny P (de) wrote: "Fantasia" is a classic but it is not without its faults. This huge undertaking tackles eight pieces of classical music in their entirety, but there comes a point where this feels like the longest Disney movie ever. Its highs are really high and its lows are pretty low, from The Sorcerer's Apprentice (my personal favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon of all time) down to the slow-moving Toccata and Fugue that shows little more than superimposed images of the orchestra in Technicolor. The entire film is incredibly creative with a vast number of characters, memorable moments that will forever come to mind when their respective song plays, and the transformation of some pieces of absolute music into program music. The lowest point of the film is the evolutionary interpretation of The Rite of Spring. Dinosaurs are cool but this sequence is terribly boring. There is also way too much time spent giving this an authentic concert feel with lengthy introductions for each piece, an in depth explanation of the soundtrack, and even an intermission. This is evidenced by the fact that subsequent releases of the film edited out the majority of the introductions in favor of a more compact musical presentation. I prefer the more family-friendly "Fantasia 2000" that focuses on the music, cuts each piece to an appropriate length, and animates its sequences with memorable stories. The film does successfully bring its musical selections to life as the colors in each scene reflect the mood of the music and the pieces are given some sort of story. The various nationalities represented in The Nutcracker Suite are cleverly given their ethnic characteristics, though the racial representations went a bit too far in Beethoven's 6th Symphony (and have since been edited out). The Beethoven is great when the cartoony unicorns are flying around but the centaur love sequences and drunk god of wine detract from the whimsy. Seriously, so much nudity with those centaurs. The Dance of the Hours provides the iconic ballet-dancing hippos and elephants that bring some much needed comedy to the latter half of the film and the Night on Bald Mountain sequence continues to be one of the darkest moments in all of Disney animation. As I mentioned, the highlight is The Sorcerer's Apprentice. This marks the first appearance of the redesigned Mickey who now had pupils to allow for a greater range of expression. The colors are vivid, the story is fascinating, and it is perfectly in sync with every musical cue. It is no surprise that this sequence has influenced rides and shows at Disney parks as well as being reused in "Fantasia 2000." You will be hard-pressed to find a better Mickey cartoon than this one. I know that I should claim this as my favorite Disney film because of the attention that it brings to classical music but I do find it to be longwinded and that it might actually cause younger kids to dislike classical music. Parts of the film are entertaining but the feature as a whole is cumbersome, even for some with two degrees in music. "Fantasia" is a film best suited for classical music experts and die-hard fans of Disney cinema. Everybody else should defer to the pared-down-but-equally-significant sequel that captures the essence of Walt's concept without the length, borderline inappropriate imagery, and questionable message of evolution.

stefano l (br) wrote: Before knowing that this movie was a sequel of another one, more than pretty similar, I thought that was a small jewel of '70s sci-fi. My opinion is not much changed actually, I still believe is a great movie, but of course I also have to consider that I have still not watched the first chapter, and I'm really curious now, because here is reviewed much much better!

Walter M (fr) wrote: "Hannie Caulder" starts with Emmett(Ernerst Borgnine), Frank(Jack Elam) and Rufus Clemens(Strother Martin) going on a rampage that originates with a bloody bank robbery. They escape and kill a stationmaster before gang raping his wife Hannie(Raquel Welch), leaving her for dead. She pulls herself from the wreckage and makes it to a well where she encounters Thomas Luther Price(Robert Culp), a not unfriendly bounty hunter. They tangle and she asks him to train her to exact revenge. At first, he refuses and damn if she is not persistent, but he eventually acquiesces, telling her they have to see a man(Christopher Lee) about a gun in Mexico. I think the one thing that killed off westerns more than anything else was that the old stars were getting too old and there was nobody to really replace them.(Well, there's Clint Eastwood but he always had bigger ambitions...) So, it might seem weird at first to let Raquel Welch of all people star in one in "Hannie Caulder" but surprisingly she succeeds in the end, playing a character who is undergoing changes and learning throughout the movie, according to need.(By contrast, Robert Culp seems naturally suited to the terrain.) As Thomas says, Hannie wants to be a man and how else to survive in a lawless and brutal west where the army sleeps on the job, the sheriff looks the other way and the only justice comes from the end of a bounty hunter's gun?

Onie S (it) wrote: There isn't a bad guy per se, but it really I really enjoyed this one. There are a lot of fun scenes, and there's a healthy amount of humour spread throughout. One of my favourite Star Trek movies.