Marketa Lazarová

Marketa Lazarová

A minor Czech clan falls afoul of the King in medieval times, against the backdrop of Christianity replacing Paganism.

A minor Czech clan falls afoul of the King in medieval times, against the backdrop of Christianity replacing Paganism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris T (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. Was entertaining and the acting was great. Good pace ...This was about a part of history I was not aware of.

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Stephanie F (jp) wrote: Horrible - the attempts at humor fall embarrassingly flat. The cinematography is amateurish.

Mohammed M (jp) wrote: `too cartoony to take seriously, too violent to just laugh at`

Delphine E (ru) wrote: Seems VERY interesting!!!

John P (us) wrote: The first feature film made in Bhutan. A road movie of sorts, on the inner and outer realms. Haunting, meditative, and humourous - just like life! Recommended!!

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sam c (nl) wrote: One of the most interesting films I've ever seen. Fassbinder's first feature, which has the aesthetic in the first 15 minutes of a student film, before leaving the confines of (what looks like - but I doubt is..) a studio, after which it has much more in common with the early work of the French New Wave. Which, is an important comparison, is it was the early films of Chabrol and Rohmer which influence Fassbinders debut (one minor character is called Erika Rohmer, etc). Later in the film however the influence from Godard is inescapable, with scenes which simply ooze Vivre Sa Vie, Le Mepris, and a handful of other films from his early career. Fassbinder's first, very low budget, feature film has much in common with his early shorts, but comprehensively shows the audience exactly what type of films he wants to make and as another reviews says, an interesting window into the mind of a young and very unique director.

Carlos P (br) wrote: MST3k made it hilariously bearable; sad that the people that made it really believed that that "kid"'s actions were anyone's fault but his own.