Markus og Diana

Markus og Diana


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Aaron J (ca) wrote: A fun, crazy horror film fest of a movie. 26 different directors from all over the world take on one letter of the alphabet each and use a word to describe a short detailing death in one way or another. Often hilarious, sometimes terrifying this movie is a fun ride from start to finish. The films are never longer than ten minutes. Some are just a few minutes in length. They go across all genres and formats from animation to claymation and action movie to family drama. There's even one done in the style of a toy commercial from the 80s. This is on Netflix and it's highly recommended.

Corey H (jp) wrote: Wonderful insight into a fascinating part of show business.

Aaron M (nl) wrote: Disaster Movie sets a tone within about a minute in a half with burping gags, the awkward unfunniness never leaves the movie. Its a conveyor belt of gags based around a large roster of movies. Theres no consistency to the parodies and it suffers from hugely annoying characters which are of course, poorly acted. Its a pretty pointless and ghastly movie which gets boring very quickly. A massive low for the spoof genre.

Ad O (br) wrote: i've never understood the need for discretion. it's not the way i live my life, and it's not the way the government should be governing. men in power. that was the mistake.

JY S (de) wrote: Breaking News lives up to its title and is another successful Hong Kong crime thriller for Johnnie To.The story only takes 90 minutes to unfold and it starts off on the right foot. The 10 minute introduction does what it's supposed to do; introduce the characters, set up the story, and deliver flying bullets. To top it all off, it is done in one continuous cinematic shot. The film does move at a slower pace, but the concept of the story helps to avoid complete boredom.The action is unleashed at the right moments, which isn't a whole lot in comparison to the rest of the story; however, those segments are nicely written.Richie Ren is cool, calm, and collected. The trio of major cast members is rounded out by Kelly Chen and Nick Cheung.The opening sequence alone is worth a checkout. The rest of Breaking News is also recommendable.

Christophe C (jp) wrote: LA MACHINE en vf. Une vieille tentative de genre franaise mais une tentative vaine... Encore...

Daniel S (kr) wrote: Awful, nearly to the point of hilarity. For 2003, the special effects are truly horrid. The eels look like 2-dimensional paper cut-outs, which is more than can be said of the characters.

Adam D (ag) wrote: Barely recall this movie

bill s (us) wrote: Melodramatic formula offering that even the good chemistry between the two leads can't save.

Thelma F (ag) wrote: good action movie with lots of my favorite actors

Sean C (br) wrote: Flew under the radar, apparently. Has some good moments, especially the closing battle scene.

Eric B (it) wrote: One of Fellini's least remembered films, "Il Bidone" is a wobbly tale about three con men who pursue some truly appalling schemes to bilk peasants out of their slim savings. Augusto (Broderick Crawford) feels uneasy about still scrambling for small-time games at his advanced age, and has a soft spot for a teen daughter whom he rarely sees. "Picasso" (Richard Basehart) has a good wife (the always wonderful Giulietta Masina) and dreams of becoming a painter, but is not as talented as he thinks. And Roberto (Franco Fabrizi) hopes to become a singer like his idol Johnny Ray.Their shenanigans include selling phony apartment reservations to slum-dwellers, exchanging shoddy coats for gas and an elaborate scheme which involves posing as priests and planting a worthless buried treasure on someone's property. Essentially, they pull the typical move of exploiting others' greed, and getting them to hand over money based on false promises of a bigger payoff later.The three are on shaky ground, however, and even their underworld peers don't always respect them. This is memorably shown in a scene at a richer criminal's posh party, where Roberto breaks rank to swipe a gold cigarette case and gets his whole group ostracized as a result. This incident somewhat foreshadows the film's depressing climax, where Augusto faces what could be his ultimate crisis of conscience.The script poorly wraps up its dangling threads, casually dropping Picasso and and Roberto from the story before the final act. And yes, Nino Rota composed the score as usual, but it's fairly humdrum beyond the opening theme. For an early Fellini film about regional seediness, you're better off choosing "Nights of Cabiria" or "I Vitelloni."

Scott M (kr) wrote: Well, Steven tried to make a comedy into a thriller. But its just not funny. I actually enjoyed it for its action scenes. Belushi can't even make this good.

Hakop T (ru) wrote: One of the best feel-good inspirational movies I have ever seen in my life!!!! This movie can make a person smile over and over again!!!

LeighAnne M (us) wrote: Best movie I've seen in awhile

Alex K (de) wrote: I Like War Films, 1998's Saving Private Ryan Is My Favorite War Film.