Marnie is a beautiful kleptomaniac who is in love with businessman Mark Rutland. Marnie who is a compulsive thief is being watched by her new boss Mark who suspects her of stealing from him and thus decides to blackmail her in the most unusual way. A psychological thriller from Alfred Hitchcock based on a novel of the same name by Winston Graham.

Mark marries Marnie although she is a habitual thief and has serious psychological problems, and tries to help her confront and resolve them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (ru) wrote: Superb! Often with a series of films you wonder how far down the line it will be before all credibility is lost - with this one however, we've reached new heights, after what was a distinctly average fourth instalment. This is why it has warranted several viewings in short spaces of time and I could quite easily slap it on again now. Just when you think you've seen it all, they add a momentous suspension bridge disaster, a vast array of well drawn out and cringe worthy death scenes (which ironically centre around ways to improve health in some circumstances) and a new take on how to survive death! To top it off, you have an ending which adds the twist of all twists! I particularly like the way that unlike some of the others, this movie doesn't peak in the middle and deteriorate through to a weaker conclusion - it actually maintains a constant pace that has its best moment right before the credits role. The only thing wrong with these final scenes is that it insinuates that there may not be another, and if you've seen the action, you'll know it'll be difficult to extend the storyline to a sixth given that fate has very much gone full circle and caught up with all those that cheated death. Having said that, if the director fancies making a bit more pocket money then any things possible. All I can say is that if this series has finally reached it's final destination, it certainly saved the best till last!

Perry W (ru) wrote: This was an awesome movie. It had a healthy dose of just about any genre you can think of, rather its comedy, drama, suspense and even romance. Not only is it one of the better christmas movies I've ever seen, but just a great movie overall. You'll enjoy it!

Maciek K (kr) wrote: What an amazing film! But director Parvez Sharma was even more impressive during the panel discussion following the film. The documentary features gay and lesbian Muslims from several different countries and Muslim backgrounds. Parvez is the consummate documentarian, and presents a very balanced, compassionate, and unflinching depiction of individuals struggling with the integration of their faith and sexuality. He puts a human face on Islam, or should I say human faces on Islam. The current discourse constantly refers to Islam or Muslims. But we use a different standard when talking about Christianity. Muslims are as diverse as are Christians. This film only begins to scratch the surface of the complexity of the issues it raises. Support this groundbreaking film and keep your eye out for this incomparable filmmaker.

Mitchell R (it) wrote: Very factual, and filmed effectively.

JeanPhilippe G (ag) wrote: It is simply an entertaining action movie but it is far from being anything new.

Kenneth D (es) wrote: I enjoyed it, maybe only because of my love for David Arquette.

Euinho P (fr) wrote: My favourite movie of all times

Grant S (mx) wrote: Interesting subject, but execution is often quite flat or hammy.The story of Ritchie Valens, the teenager who rose to fame in thelate-1950s with hits like "Donna", "Come On, Let's Go" and "La Bamba". Interesting subject, as Valens was one of the pioneers of rock 'n roll.His story is also a tragic one, and well-known as such, due to theplane crash that took the lives of him, Buddy Holly (surely one of rock'n roll's greatest losses) and The Big Bopper. The day the musicdied... (to quote Don McLean).The musical side largely lives up to expectations - good tracks,well-performed and with some great nostalgic moments.However, the personal side is quite uneven. Particularly bad is thebrother angle. This seems overblown and over-dramatic, and is certainlynot helped by an over-the-top, hammy performance from Esai Morales.Too many scenes which are dull or cringingly hammy.Overall: worth watching from a music history perspective, but you'llhave to get through some dull/hammy scenes and acting to get to theend.

Nikki P (ag) wrote: Rediscovered this recently. I'd forgotten just how much I loved it as a child. Brill songs :o)

Paul C (fr) wrote: Great film remade several times (most notably as 'Heaven Can Wait starring Warren Beatty) but never bettered. Everything is near note-perfect (well apart from the saxophone playing) and you're left with a glowing feeling at the great ending. A Hollywood Silver Age Classic!

Buggy B (es) wrote: Surprisingly powerful film with strong performances from a huge cast of recognizable faces. Gritty and unsettling how far this "kidnapping" goes which hits home at the end when the audience is told what happened to everyone involved. It's a fact based drama surrounding a middle class drug dealer and his gang of 20-ish friends who kidnap the teenager brother of a client who owes them money and refuses to pay. Some big surprises in the acting department from a very likable Justin Timberlake and Anton Yelchin. Ben Foster is F'n crazy but awesome, he impresses me the more I see of him and Sharon Stone -wow, crazy in the fat suit. as an FYI The F-word and its derivatives is said 411 times. 7/11/14

Tony L (it) wrote: I did not know that this existed. I have always liked Dune even the one that everyone hates. If this movie would have been made I would have really liked it. I did not like what he did to the end, but his ideas were great. I really enjoyed the part where he shows all the concepts that other movies have taken from this project. Worth watching for sure.

Reed V (jp) wrote: Full of half drawn characters, and an undercooked plot.

Anand K (ag) wrote: Standard Hollywood cliche-both the Black Guys die.