Marooned in Iraq

Marooned in Iraq

During the war between Iran and Iraq, a group of Iranian Kurd musicians set off on an almost impossible mission. They will try to find Hanareh, a singer with a magic voice who crossed the border and may now be in danger in the Iraqi Kurdistan. As in his previous films, this Kurdish director is again focusing on the oppression of his people.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Persian,Kurdish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:oppression,   iran,   iraq,  

During the war between Iran and Iraq, a group of Iranian Kurd musicians set off on an almost impossible mission. They will try to find Hanareh, a singer with a magic voice who crossed the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tero H (de) wrote: Bloody and overly melodramatic but also very fascinating look at shaolin kung-fu. Whether it is realistic at all, that is a different thing. Well filmed action scenes and nice acting. The characters are well though-of. Music and atmosphere are well done. Even so, I think the film makers should have cut down the drama a bit. Despite it's philosophical overtones, the film doesn't quite go as deep into Buddhism as I was looking for when the philosophy started to flow in. Even so, the idea of skillful and not skillful actions is there, as is remorse and atonement. It is all still done with style. Jackie Chan's character lightens the generally dark and heavy atmosphere of this movie, as do the 'ordinary' people who appear in the movie. His fight scene is funny and generally speaking, all the fight scenes are really well filmed in this kung-fu movie. There is a special features disc on the DVD, but I have not considered it in this review (simple because I haven't watched it yet). Solid storytelling which proceeds with no hindrances is a bit overshadowed by the abundance of violence and centering on just the one character (the warlord, General Hou played by Andy Lau). Somehow I was left with the feeling that the film centered overly on violence and indeed, only Chan and the kids together with the philosophical overtones help this movie from becoming a simple hack and slash movie. Really well directed and filmed, and despite its melodrama, it is worth seeing for martial arts enthusiasts!

Leon B (it) wrote: Review:I found this movie funny and well written. The storyline was great and Larry David cracked me up. Hisblatancy really did work with Woody Allen's writing and the different characters kept the movie entertaining and a joy to watch. From picking up a girl from the street, it's amazing how the story goes in many different directions but it end's up with everyone being happy. Anyway, all of the actors put in great performances, but it's Larry David that made the movie for me. Even if your not into your Woody Allen movies, you will find this movie funny, in a quirky type of way, so its worth a watch. Enjoyable!Round-Up:Larry David is known for his Curb Your Enthusiasm series, which has been on TV for years, but I've never actually watched it so I didn't know what to expect from this film. Maybe that's why I found it so funny! His co-star, Evan Rachel Wood, has starred in movies like Ides Of March and The Wrestler so she's not new to the big screen. The chemistry between the two was great to watch, even though she was a bit unintelligent but that's what made the relationship work. Her mother's storyline was amusing, along with her father who also made me laugh, and it's amazing how there stories panned out. In all, I'm surprised that I enjoyed this movie so much because of it's weird subject matter, but once the whole thing comes together, it really does work.Budget: $15millionWorldwide Gross: $35millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen's movies about a man whose totally against the world but manages to find love in the strangest place. 6/10

Marta W (ru) wrote: This movie never gets to old or to boring to watch it again. RT can kiss my ass and f*** off :)

Sofia J (jp) wrote: Beautiful movie, Fanny Ardant and Jeremy Irons do a fabulous job, and the singing is gorgeous!

Valentina K (mx) wrote: I really like Jennifer Westfeldt's writing style and the neurotic characters she plays. This movie helps affirm what I've always believed in - love is a spectrum.

John F (it) wrote: Gere and Hunt are a winning combination

Simon D (ca) wrote: If I were ever to be inspired to attempt to make my own moivie then it would be because of this film. There was almost nothing in this film which I could not have done myself technically and it's a good looking film despite being largely a slideshow with naration.

Nick S (gb) wrote: Probably the worst movie I have ever seen. Everything sucks about it. The lighting, the acting, the shots, the costumes, the sets, even the guitar playing! On the plus side its absolutely hilarious. "Down there all I sell is Cards and Whiskey...Up here all you can buy is a bullet to the head!"

Tyler S (kr) wrote: Decent little film from what I remember.'s all very predictable, and not much to the plot....we all know the volcano is gonna blow and brosnan will warn the town of the doom about to lie upon them. Not much to the characters other than Brosnan. Special effects ok...scenery where film was filmed very nice...not much here.

Mark Z (jp) wrote: Outstanding performances from Woody Harrelson and Christian Bale, and by Casey Affleck in a supporting role. So well acted you must see it.

Bill R (ag) wrote: Well, I wasn't impressed with this at all. Another wanna-be horror flick. Can anyone say "Darkness Falls"