In pre-French Revolution Bastille, the Marquis is held being unjustly accused of working to overthrow the king. While his talking penis, Colin, longs for action, Marquis himself only desires to write his deviant stories in peace.

The scene is a pre-French Revolution Bastille, where various political prisoners are being held: a woman who was raped and impregnated by the king, a police chief who was accused of selling... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Marquis torrent reviews

Braeden R (ag) wrote: It was good by the way the movie is the heat

Amy H (es) wrote: This movie ruined my life. I have been in a constant rage ever since I saw it yesterday. It ruined my Christmas and my Holiday spirit. Inappropriate for children. Inappropriate for everyone really if I'm being honest. This movie is about a home home home wrecker and a man who cheats on his fiance with random people he does not know. Also who decides to kiss someone when the elevator is breaking and they think that their life is in danger. SPOILER : The guy didn't even remember what girl he kissed in the elevator, like what was the point.

Jonathan R (kr) wrote: Nice bit of tension and a sort of prequel/sequel as it wraps around the original. Bizarrely nothing really happens from long periods of time...and then you notice something really nondescript happening...before all hell breaks loose!

Robert V (br) wrote: Terrible movie. No explanations, no exposition, no resolution. I'd rather watch paint dry.

William F (jp) wrote: A very emotional whale story.

Tatsuhito K (ag) wrote: Roger Greenberg may just be the most unlikable character Noah Baumbach has ever put on screen, and Ben Stiller is exceptional as this incredibly irresponsible, selfish, neurotic asshole who complains about everything (I mean, EVERYTHING around him.) Average moviegoers would find this man quite obnoxious and not relatable at all. I wouldn't be surprised. But boy, this character fascinated me so much; the movie is so engaging to watch because we all know people like him, and Stiller gives his best and most nuanced performance of his career. Greta Gerwig, Baumbach's muse, is so damn likable and approachable as Florence. I love everything she does and she is really good in here. Rhys Ifans also does a great job as Ivan, Greenberg's ex-band mate. I loved Baumbach's direction and his darkly comical script, which was co-written by his then-wife Jennifer Jason Leigh. He skillfully walks on the thin line between humor and heartbreak. Greenberg may be hard to watch, but it is definitely worth seeing.

Holly V (gb) wrote: the title alone makes me want to see this.

Nick H (fr) wrote: Very entertaining indie flick. I wish there was more of an actual conclusion.

Jax R (jp) wrote: One of my FAVORITE movies!!! ESPECIALLY if your a snowboarding enthusiast like myself, AND If you like HILARIOUS, off the wall AWESOMENESS and AREN'T one of these PATHETIC people on here saying how it's like Casablanca (which is NO WHERE NEAR that, unless your referring to the love story) are SO UNBELIEVABLY WAAAAY OFF!! I've NEVER **LMFAO** while watching Casablanca. SO! IF you like movies like Space Balls, Airplane, Police Academy, Robin Hood Men In Tights etc. And DON'T try to freaking ANALize the movie, you'll *L.O.V.E.* IT!! And the soundtrack is AWESOME!!! I *****HIGHLY SUGGEST IT!!!!***** So grab a beer! Sit back and relax, and watch one of the most HILARIOUS movies you'll EVER see!!! Just PLEASE don't be like the rest of these poor pathetic people who unfortunately take REALLY funny movies and try to take it seriously. But with their heads so far up their behind, I guess that EVERYTHING is ?? to them...after all, that's what they're all USED to seeing when you enjoy living with your head WAAAAY up they're precious behinds! Seriously though, why can't you people just ENJOY a freaking movie without HAVING to rip em all up JUST to ANALize EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. ?!?!?! Ok I'm don't ranting!! Bottom line, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME MOVIE!! GARUNTEED some SERIOUS LAUGHS!!! All in all, a GREAT movie, therefore, a GREAT time!!! ?????!!!

Cameron H (fr) wrote: Everybody involved in Best in Show is Meisner-ing (choosing whatever comes up in the moment) with zero shame, and for a sorta-mockumentary about five different families competing in a Westminster-esque dog show, that is for the better. The characters don't have strong motives for going to the dog show. For most of them, they just love their dog and want to see how well their dog can succeed. One exception in this cast is Christy (Jane Lynch), a trainer hired by mega-rich-thanks-to-marrying-a-dying-widowed-billionaire Sherri Ann (Jennifer Coolidge) to win the trophy at every annual dog show. Since she has a strong motive, some of her scenes feel relatively scripted, but they aren't noticeably out of place.As for the other characters, the cast is quite the heterogeneous mixture. There's Gerry and Cookie Fleck (Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara), a husband with two left feet -- and I really mean it -- and a wife with an extensive sexual history before meeting Gerry. Hamilton and Meg Swan (Michael Hitchcock and Parker Posey) are snobbish, self-entitled city dwellers who thrive on having everything run exactly as they envision, down to trashing a pet store owner for not owning the squeaky bumblebee toy that the couple had lost. John Michael Higgins and Michael McKean play homosexual lovers Scott and Stefan, two hair stylists from NYC whose loving interactions may be the most interesting thing going on with them. (There's one more person, but I'll mention him later.) In terms of pacing, everybody shared equal screen time, with small diversions in the dog show with Fred Willard as a too-raunchy-for-real-TV commentator. Mind you, everybody plays their roles with full conviction, and as a film chock full of character work, good on all of the actors for churning enough material to reach the 90-minute mark. New jokes are fully welcome, like the sympathetic hotel manager (Ed Begley Jr) who offers the Flecks the best hotel room that no money can buy, right next to the kitchen. After a while, however, the recurring jokes and go-to characteristic-based laughs wear thin.I acknowledge now that the jokes were wearing thin, but at the time, I kid you not that I was sincerely rooting for somebody to win. My heart personally melted for the final character, a fly-fisher named Harlan (Christopher Guest, also director and "writer") whose relationship with his bloodhound was so unconventionally precious that I feared to see him possibly lose when the champion was to be announced. I didn't want to see anybody lose though, not even the yuppie Swans. That's where the actors' work truly prevailed. Everybody cared very much about their dogs being the champions, and that passion weaved a strong thread through otherwise disjointed, but mostly very funny character scenes. I'm curious what Waiting for Guffman is like.

Ted P (it) wrote: Forget the quibbles of critics who see to think of things above and beyond what the story is trying to send. Enjoy the movie for the warmth, humor, and feeling of what Patch Adams did. It may be a bit of stretching the truth, but the overall feel good feeling it gives you will make you overlook a lot. Critics are not the people who determine what the viewers want. We, ourselves, decide. And I enjoyed this movie for it's compassion and its warmth and humor..

Missy M (ag) wrote: Very funny movie, have it

Private U (gb) wrote: i just love this movie

girlybat h (nl) wrote: how did they get all that hairspray in prison???

Greg W (jp) wrote: not bad crime caper pic

Ryan P (mx) wrote: I think this is the 3rd best film Keaton made, after 'The General' and 'Sherlock Jr.,' respectively.

Tina S (nl) wrote: Really, they made three of these?!

Hkon S (jp) wrote: Great characters and dialogue. Gritty, raw and thoroughly entertaining.