Marriage Blue

Marriage Blue

Some may dream of, some may be afraid of, some may look forward to, and some may want to avoid THE NIGHT BEFORE MARRIAGE! 4 different couples disclose 4 different stories all about marriage.

Tae Gyu (Kim Kang Woo) is a professional baseball player and now a coach for a team. His lover, Joo Young (Kim Hyo Jin), opened a successful medical clinic. They seemed to be a perfect couple until one day Kyu Tae discovered that Joo Young has ever married and divorced. He felt cheated and betrayee.. Next is a nail technician So Mi falls love with celebrity chef Won Cheol for 7 years but in their wedding day, the girl meets her former lover and have a little something alluring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Marriage Blue torrent reviews

Jordan L (mx) wrote: Wasnt impressed. Had me going for about a minute, then quickly lost me & my attention.

samuel c (mx) wrote: Meh. Needs seasoning. Felt awfully bland. Some strange editing. Really goes nowhere.

Stephanie P (fr) wrote: Very sad, but well done, and engaging. A great depiction of a family struggling with a child who is struggling to find himself in a world where everyone needs to be categorized and fit a specific cookie cutter stereotype.

Simon D (fr) wrote: Well, I never quite expected that. I wonder if the way the gay scene in New York was portrayed in this film went down well, I really can't imagine so. I wouldn't know but I'd be surprised if what we see in this film is anything near realistic. Nor was Pacino camping it up although it is quite funny. I'd read that this was a disturbing film; I'm not quite sure why

Dade L (ru) wrote: There is no way I can classify this as a horror movie. But this is one of the greatest comedy movies of all time no questions asked. With an all star cast of Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Madeline Kahn, cloris Leachman, and marty feildman you cant go wrong. Especially when you have the legendary Mel Brooks. In Robin hood : men in tights Mel says a joke : " Loxley and bagel, can't miss" I feel the same with Brooks and wilder. If you have not seen this movie I am seriously wondering why you haventtruely amazing movie.

Paul D (gb) wrote: While the comedy won't have you in stitches, it is good enough to be able to enjoy this stage play like romance. Loraine Day and Kirk Douglas bounce off each other well and Keenan Wynn fills the gaps with some good one-liners.

Rafael B (gb) wrote: i gonna say just one thing...WTF!?

Nicole M (gb) wrote: enjoyed the humor of the movie

M G L (de) wrote: it felt weird watching this movie with christopher reeve not turning into superman..its an alright movie...definitely not one of my favorites