Married to the Mafia

Married to the Mafia

He has the perfect pedigree, the perfect resume, the perfect girlfriend; everything is perfectly perfect...

He has the perfect pedigree, the perfect resume, the perfect girlfriend; everything is perfectly perfect... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Married to the Mafia torrent reviews

Vincent L (ca) wrote: Didn't expect Paul Dano to handle such a role so well. Emotionally powerful.

Michael D (es) wrote: Very good documentary written, produced, and directed by a former beer industry exec (of Mike's Hard Lemonade). It was well crafted, had great insight, great characters, and great stories. I regret to say that I started watching this without a beer in hand. DO NOT WATCH WITHOUT BEER READY, you'll just have to drive out and get some.

Shaun B (es) wrote: Mediocre TV cop drama that is made better only by Selleck's involvement.

Raffi A (kr) wrote: One of the most intriguing psychological suspense thrillers I've ever seen.

Jonathan P (de) wrote: Foxx can act and Union is gorgeous but Breakin' All The Rules is rather boring and other than one or two smirks really has nothing worth watching.

Steve S (au) wrote: A very emotional and brave movie! A must watch!

Monique L (au) wrote: This movie is complete cheese and camp, and it is glorious. The soundtrack is awesome. I love to watch the awesomeness that is this B movie.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Babel is a mixed bag.While it does not feel very long, its main defect is its length. A shorter movie with tighter focus would have had a greater dramatic impact without having to sacrifice its social message. The colonialist attitudes killed any sympathy for the central characters. But overall, it is still engaging and still worth seeing.

elysian m (fr) wrote: Not the epic fish called wanda but still funny.

Alexandra P (ag) wrote: A cute movie, I don't think I would say is a comedy but I enjoyed it anyways :)

Kevin M (jp) wrote: Tom Hardy, one of the most in-demand actors of this generation, stars in Locke, a movie about one man in a single car, for 85 minutes. Every aspect of Locke's life is in turmoil: his job, his relationship with his wife, and even his home. It's about as interesting as it can get, and Tom Hardy's performance makes it watchable. Not to mention the supporting voice actors he speaks with on the phone throughout the movie, all of whom turn in realistic performances. His character, however, is unlikable: we're given no reason to pity him, and most of the circumstances he finds himself in feel deserved. Maybe this is what makes the movie interesting. It's an ambitious concept, which I have immense respect for, but I did feel a little underwhelmed by the time the credits rolled.

Michael S (jp) wrote: Laugh out loud funny. Callen, Rapport and Stamos were awesome. Won't ruin it for you but there are so many hysterical scenes. 10/10

John L (nl) wrote: A little long winded towards the end but decent overall.