Marrying the Mafia III

Marrying the Mafia III

Lead by matriarch widow Hong Duk-ja, the Hong gangster family turns legitimate, but a figure from their past returns to undermine and ruin their popular new business.

Mrs. Hong's family, launches a new business of setting up a kimchi manufacturing company after putting an end to their crime-related dirty business. The new business is a huge success due ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niraj V (au) wrote: A great heart warming funny movie, keeps you engaged all the way. Heavily "inspired" by Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but enjoyable all the same.Vinay Pathak excels, once again, and Lara Dutta can actually act!!!!A feelgood type of ending with a bit of a twist in the tail.Highly recommended, watch it for sure!

The Critic (gb) wrote: Horrendous creature feature that rivals the quality of Ed Wood's worst (or should that be best?) efforts, this piece of crap is too unintentionally funny to be ignored! It's amusing to watch a cast of talentless try-hards, vying for the "Worst Actor of All Time" award, as they plot to rescue the world from an oversized shark and octopus who battle it out underwater. And, in a highlight of lunacy, not only do members of the cast stop to quote Shakespeare, but the shark breaks the surface to devour an aeroplane! Beer, pizza, with a touch of Vic Chao's laugh-out-loud bad performance, and you've got a perfect night in.

Joseph G (mx) wrote: Ecuador is not a jungle, yes We have a great Amazonian region, but also we have great cities. i laugh a little with this film but we are not what gervais show in this movie. he should come and see our cities, if you gonna make a movie about a country that you don't know anything about, RESEARCH. because you show latinamericans how ignorant all of you, europeans, americans and all first world people are. Check in Google: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca etc, just some indigenous people have ponchos. not everybody.

Ruby (it) wrote: It wasn't that bad. But how could they take a lead actress out of the film? and i expect to tune in. The storyline was weak and every time you turn around there was a song. The dance numbers was the best part. That's what saved the movie.

Thomas P (es) wrote: I like how it showed the afterlife of a pimp. Like when a pimp gets to old to walk the streets. The documentary was cool. However, if you never get to watch it or don't care to watch it. You'll be okay.

Thomas T (gb) wrote: Godzilla epically fighting a giant moth is the way to describe Godzilla vs. Mothra, and it is awesome.

Tim S (nl) wrote: Here is the last film in the Ray Harryhausen boxed set. It Came From Beneath the Sea contains enough boring dialogue, character flaws and bad acting to be crammed into ten other bad films. Yeah I guess I'm being a bit cynical, but these films really do not hold up on any level. Like the rest, their effects are impressive for their time, but don't hold up because of the lack of magic in the other areas. I burst out laughing when the lead female stands up for herself in a very feministic way, then just screams her head off when the monster pops up out of nowhere. Talk about your character flaws. Anyway, like I said, this wasn't good, and neither are most of the films Harryhausen worked on during this era. Trash B movies to the core.

Kade C (it) wrote: A fun underdog story with a lot of heart. Jackman and Egerton have great chemistry and bring this true feel-good story to life.