Mars et Avril

Mars et Avril

Based on an acclaimed graphic novel, Mars & Avril is set in Montreal of the future, at the dawn of the first human landing on Mars, and tells the story of a musician who becomes obsessed with his muse.

Based on an acclaimed graphic novel, Mars & Avril is set in Montreal of the future, at the dawn of the first human landing on Mars, and tells the story of a musician who becomes obsessed with his muse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Douglas L (it) wrote: I'd say just about on par with the first one, maybe slightly better. good action, doesn't hold back. They really tried to capitalize this film on the state of the US as well as obviously the election. An entertaining flick that's worth a watch.

Tony B (kr) wrote: Only casually paid attention to this documentary as it played on CBC News but it was interesting, funny, sad, as well as heartbreaking at times but a cautionary as well as hopeful tale of the trials and tribulations of adoption, especially of older children from foreign countries that don't speak the same language as yours. I'll probably try watching it again more intently.

Praveen Kumar T (jp) wrote: This is a gripping Suspense plot, Hope Kamal Hassan lives up to the standard set by Fredric Jardin in the Tamizh version.

Carvel S (fr) wrote: I Hated It worst movie ever watch beside dragonball evaluation it was gay stupid

Cheryl C (it) wrote: An interesting exercise where you get to watch a couple try to gradually break up, which is only slightly less painful than doing it yourself when the characters are this deliciously flawed. Nothing spectacular, but the family dynamics and constantly forward moving storyline make it worthwhile.Fun for me was the main female actress was also in a movie I saw where she played an Orthodox Jewish woman. It was fun for me to see her in such a different role.The actress who plays Jason Schwartzman's wronged gf in the first season of Bored to Death was also in this. Is there a shortage of beautiful Jewish NYC based acresses? I highly doubt it.

Toggo U (es) wrote: Loved it, have no clue why it got such low ratings. Sweetest movie ever.

Wes S (fr) wrote: This was a very interesting movie to say the least. It's not your typical film and is definitely not for everyone. I think I would describe this one as a very bizarre, experimental, black comedy.

Konrad A (it) wrote: Great for kids I used to watch this when I was a kid. And it's a good show and movie

Sean C (mx) wrote: All this movie seemed like to me was a expose style TV movie on cults with some blood thrown in. Only a few days ago, I bought Cemetery Man on dvd and there was a trailer for this movie on it and today it happened to be on TV. I have to say that I liked the trailer better.

Joseph B (ag) wrote: The first in a trilogy of films referred to by director Terry Gilliam as the "trilogy of imagination." This film is seen through the eyes of a child who loves history and wants desperately to escape his life where his parents can't be bothered to be torn away from their new gadgets or game shows. One night in bed a knight on a horse bursts through his closet. He is scared, but his parents just tell him to go to bed. The next night he waits up with a flashlight expecting something similar to happen and he is met by six dwarves said to represent the Monty Python group. Along with the dwarves, the boy travels through history to steal valuable items with the help of a magic map. This map is also sought after by an evil sorcerer who wants to rule the world.Cameos in the movie include John Cleese, Sean Connery and Ian Holm. Very impressive film with great special effects on its modest budget.

Justin B (es) wrote: It's an odd blend of unintentionally goofball 80s cheese and some really unsettling horror but this was a nice surprise.

Luciano G (de) wrote: Standard story of a bad seed in the family, Linda Blair is terrorized by a cousin who practices witchcraft.....worth a look for an early Linda Blair role (if post-EXORCIST) and for an early "Nightmare On Elm Street" credit for Wes Craven...

Casey N (br) wrote: Great Charles Bronson Classic !

Nicola D (it) wrote: good contemporary war movie which deals with the hard recovery of the soldiers, once they came back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The actors are good and plain, but nothing remarkable, as this whole movie, which I'd consider as "normal" movie.

Yeleysa C (br) wrote: It was different from all animation movies. It was long and even it's an animation it's a deep story. I love the effects, very real!Loved the songs and the dancing. Little penguins are so CUTE!

Martin T (kr) wrote: I admit that I generally prefer very natural-sounding dialogue, but I can deal with stylized dialogue when it's done right. I'm not quite sure what "right" is, but I know it when I hear it. Maybe it's when you hear the characters speaking, and not the writer. I confess there's a ton of his work I haven't seen yet, but Spike Lee has a problem with this, at least in his early career. Only in Do the Right Thing (so far) are the characters strong enough to make it sound like their voices and not Lee's. In this movie, most of it just sounded like Lee trying to be clever, rhythmic, or profound. I think the other major mistake here is trying to make a star out of Cynda Williams (as in, the opening credits ending with "And introducing..."). She's just bland... unconvincing as an actress, doesn't sing that great, has no spark, and frankly I don't think she's all that attractive either. Fortunately she doesn't dominate the picture, but she's definitely the weak link in otherwise decent cast. Besides that, the film is, well, merely passable. I didn't hate it, but didn't think it worked as either a tribute to jazz or a compelling character profile or a contemporary romance. It has its moments, though, and credit must be given to Ernest Dickerson's colorful photography and Denzel Washington's usual excellence.

Bryan P (gb) wrote: The numbers station see a CIA agent given one last job to look after a code operator in a secret location in England. Soon the station comes under threat and he must protect the girl from being killed and decide if he should listen to the operator or go on his instinct. If the codes get into the wrong hands a number of people will face being executed.

Jacob D (kr) wrote: This movie came out of nowhere really enjoyed this movie.

Rebecca R (mx) wrote: An honest look at one of the most influential activists of our time. Great story telling and full of humour. A really great film for people who have their minds made up about Brand. Shame that Brand changed his mind on the film and hasn't backed it or been involved with publicity.

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: Loaded with pro skaters and a preformance by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (back in their H days). It's THE WESTSIDE STORY on skateboards. As for the sex scene, what happend to teen lust?