Marshal of Reno

Marshal of Reno

One of two towns will be selected to be the County Seat and Editor Palmer has a gang working to make sure his town is chosen. Investigating the lawlessness, Red Ryder poses as an outlaw to get into the gang hoping to find out who the boss is. But Palmer knows Red and exposes his true identity when he arrives and Red and Gabby then find themselves prisoners of the gang. [Written by Maurice Van Auken]

One of two towns will be selected to be the County Seat and Editor Palmer has a gang working to make sure his town is chosen. Investigating the lawlessness, Red Ryder poses as an outlaw to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler P (kr) wrote: sympa, Payet est excellent.

Chris A (ag) wrote: disappointing movie! very ordinary indeed!

Steven E (fr) wrote: Great cast. Badass story.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Don't ask me to make it rain.The Great Karoo is an area in Africa where many animals reside but the zebras have a secret watering hole there that they keep to themselves. One day a young zebra named Zhumba accidentally spills the beans on the water hole which leads to his exile. He is determined to find a new waterhole that will save his people and clear his name."You were faster than all the boys.""No. Just smarter."Anthony Silverston delivers Khumba in his major motion picture debut. The storyline for this picture is above average and fun to watch unfold (it did remind me a little of Open Season). The animation was excellent and way better than I anticipated. The voices were also better than I anticipated and include Steve Buscemi, Laurence Fishburne, Liam Neeson, Charles Adler, Jake Austin, Loretta Devine, Catherine Tate."No creature gazes upon the wings of doom!"I watched this with my daughter and I will admit we both enjoyed the animation style but found the story a bit boring (she was on and off interested). I do feel this is an above average cartoon with a solid animation style but the characters and plot are fairly mediocre (I did enjoy the conclusion). Overall, this is worth a viewing but I wouldn't add it to my DVD collection."I'm grooming for stardom here."Grade: C+

Julien L (ag) wrote: Encore une fois, le film n'est pas la hauteur de l'acteur.

Ian M (ca) wrote: I've heard about this movie a few times & keep forgetting that I want to see it! Or buy it!!

Niklas J (ca) wrote: The opening scene is the only really good scene in the movie, but that scene alone make for half a star.

Ben R (br) wrote: If it weren't for returning Bob Uecker and newcomer Ted McGinley as our protagonists' rival coach this outing would be a total waste. The fact that a digital baseball stands in for actors who could actually hit the ball is an annoying distraction when the trite scenarios aren't stealing focus. More of the same, just less successful.

Mark D (us) wrote: Not great at all, but Tommy Lee Jones does get laid in it. Which is a rareity.

Steve W (gb) wrote: Connery is back! But this time, it incredibly campy and cheesy, and makes itself seem like a thinly veiled parody of James Bond. From the opening scene where M tells Bond to go on a diet, and the ridiculous kill and fight scenes, the movie makes Roger Moore seem serious. There is a few good moments with the film's villains, mainly Fatima Blush. Other than that, this movie is how NOT to make a 007 film. I'll never watch this movie again, never.

Alex W (it) wrote: Hah! Ok, here we go. There's a dead artist trapped behind a painting hanging over a bed that literally eats people. Well, not just people, but pretty much anything. Including fried chicken, wine, apples, even pepto-bismol for when it gets indigestion, lol. The premise is absolutely rediculous as I'm sure you can imagine. Anyway, this bed, when its done eating people gives the artist gifts, such as rings, necklaces & cigarettes from it's victims. There's something to do with a demon tree that turned into wind as well, but I had pretty much lost interest by then. Apparently Rob Zombie has been confirmed to direct the sequel, starring Miley Cyrus in 2011. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!! Gets one star for being such a weird f*cking film!

rosemarie s (us) wrote: good with interesting action...

Samantha H (es) wrote: a delightfully intellectual film! Owen's best work in years!!!! the script makes you question, think and laugh! Beautiful! their really is a debate between words and pictures! x

Sheridan P (nl) wrote: 2nd best time travel comedy I ever did see