The oldest ship in the fleet, Martha, and her jolly crew, must race Harald and win, or it's the scrappers next.

A great cult comedy that was probably ahead of its time. A beloved movie among danish sailors. Martha is a very old and very rusty freight steamer, sailing in the Mediterranean, almost ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martha torrent reviews

Luke C (au) wrote: Fantastic, very very funny comedy.

Andy C (us) wrote: The title tells you all you need to know - Don't expect anything too complex and you'll do fine with this one.

Michael D (us) wrote: wow, the first film i have seen for a long time with such emotion and substance,the actors are so believable and the plot thickens as it moves along with effortless intrigue. i must see again, oh what the hell i want it for my collection

Brian S (mx) wrote: 90 minutes of tedium punctuated with the occasional BOO! and owing a lot to "The Grudge," "Dark Remains" is the story of a haunted cabin somewhere near Atlanta. After the murder of their daughter, a couple moves in and starts having encounters with restless spirits... including that of their daughter. The wife already blames the husband for her death, and she's soon ready to kill him herself. Hubby discovers, in a thrilling "looking through old boxes of newspapers in a library" scene, that the cabin has a history of strange deaths dating back to 1988, which started when a nearby prison was closed and a woman died of exposure. They all happen around May 22, too. Why? Thereby hangs a tale... or should.Aside from the bad acting and slow pacing, the biggest problem with "Dark Remains" is that the central plot point. The reason that the cabin is haunted doesn't make sense; there's no reason that the ghosts should be punishing the people who live there, which becomes obvious when it's revealed why the ghosts are present in the first place.In other words, after sitting through all that dragging screen time, through the lifeless performances by Greg Thompson and Cheri Christian, through the cheap trick of recording the dialogue at a whisper so that you can be scared by loud music and a scream when one of the ghosts shows up, it all turns out to have been a set-up. The ghosts have been wasting their time killing the wrong victims somehow, and the real bad guy has been just up the road... and even on the same property. It's also never explained why the murdered daughter, who didn't die in the cabin and had nothing to do with the deaths of those who did, should be showing up at the place. That's thrown in gratuitously, as is a possession/murder that involves one of the cabin-ghosts and takes place miles away, involving two people who have nothing to do with the events at the cabin.Incoherent, derivative and tepid... what remains? Fade to black. Give it a skip.

Cedric L (au) wrote: Entertaining, energetic and well-directed.

Santosh D (au) wrote: another of Mani Ratnam's masterpiece- the buildup of the story is so good, the acting by Arvind so nice, and the overall treatment of the social message it tries to deliver so subtle that it really makes the movie stand out. The music, needless to say, is so harrowing- with the maestro AR Rehman himself at work, that there is no point left to criticize about the movie- I actually like to consider it a part of Mani's trilogy masterpieces, others being Roja and Dil Se

Samuel L (ca) wrote: A really entertaining Italian zombie/maniac movie.

Jacob H (gb) wrote: Gangsters playing cowboys in a small town.The gun play is exaggerated and in graphic novel style.Definitely not something for everyone, but for those that do enjoy these movies - it is an enjoyable mindless romp of bodies and bullets.

Drew W (au) wrote: I give this a 91/A-.