Martin a Venuse

Martin a Venuse

A young artist Vendula meets and marries Martin, a toy designer. They start a family, and have twin girls and a baby boy. Martin is busy building his career while Vendula takes care of the ...

A young artist Vendula meets and marries Martin, a toy designer. They start a family, and have twin girls and a baby boy. Martin is busy building his career while Vendula takes care of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd S (br) wrote: House of Fears was a pretty cool premise, but the movie was destroyed by a lame script and a cast that just wasn't very good. Some kids at a party decide to break into a haunted house exhibit, when suddenly their fears all come to life. It sounds like a good movie and that cover is great, but the story seemed to be written by a fourth grader. If you're over the age of ten and this film actually scared you, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is seriously about one step above Goosebumps. Aside from the childish script, the acting here is a complete joke! Muffled lines, fake screams, no emotion, I could go on all night about what was wrong with the acting in this film! It's got an awesome cover and very well written description, but the truth is this film is nothing but a waste of time, that you might find mildly entertaining, just because of how bad it really is.

Souvik G (nl) wrote: A movie every cinema lover must watch.

EQ R (kr) wrote: In no way is the movie original in it's concept but the execution is where the film really shines, director adam green knows know to blend cheesy horror, good gore and comedy all into one and make it work. There is also a somewhat legendary feeling to the character of Victor Crowley that's reminiscent of a Jason Voorhees type. While the whole thing isn't a work of art, the great thing about the film is that it knows not to take itself seriously and with that it makes for one great and entertaining campy horror film in the same vain as the later "Friday the 13th" films. B+

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D M (au) wrote: A possessed ventriloquist dummy torments a child who recently lost his father to death. At first the kid thinks his father is possessing the dummy, but soon he realizes its a demon. He has some super powers which are triggered by the onset of puberty so he battles some monsters and bullies. The kid was way too spoiled and had too many cool toys! Pretty uneven; a too-complicated story, mostly poor special effects and unsympathetic characters make for this to be unmemorable.

DONNA J (mx) wrote: Synopsis: Take the art direction and set design from The Crow and Batman. Add a male-bonding element reminiscent of The Killer or Hard-Boiled. Stir in a plot line about some top-secret near-invincible bionic-man superwarriors taking over the drug trade in Hong... Starring: Jet Li, Ching Wan Lau, Karen Mok, Francoise Yip, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Directed by: Daniel Lee

Scott M (mx) wrote: I enjoy this movie sure, but felt like it could have been better. The best parts of the movie are the engineers and how the movie explains what processes they go through to figure out solutions to problems. The acting is definitely superb from the entire cast. But it wasn't great.

Little B (es) wrote: The plot is a bit silly, but the unconventional Peckinpah's direction and some cool character make it pleasant enough to watch.

Cassandra M (gb) wrote: I loved Larry Cohen and Fred Williamson's previous collaboration 'Black Caesar', one of the toughest and most enjoyable movies of the early 70s blaxploitation boom. That movie was a great success and in the rush to cash in with a sequel something was lost. Cohen was shooting his killer baby classic 'It's Alive' at the same time Williamson was making 'That Man Bolt', yet they still attempted to make 'Hell Up In Harlem' simultaneously! Cohen's script is weaker this time around and the emphasis is on fights (fists and guns) over character development and story. The movie is more of an action film than a crime drama and therefore much less interesting to me. Williamson is still a powerhouse, but the movie as a whole fails to satisfy. Gloria Hendry ('Black Belt Jones') and D'Urville Martin ('Dolemite') both return from the first movie but aren't required to do all that much. You could even call their roles cameos and not be far wrong. Julius Harris ('Superfly') also returns as Williamson's father, but this time round he has a much larger role, and almost carries the first third of the movie all by himself. The film directly follows on from 'Black Caesar' with Tommy Gibbs (Williamson) recovering from a near fatal gunshot wound. He relies upon his Pop to keep things together, and this enables Harris to blossom from a middle aged straight citizen into a cool dressing killing machine almost overnight! This is one of the most entertaining things about the whole movie, but not enough to stop it from being a disappointment. Even the score this time round is inferior, with no James Brown content. I think this movie was too rushed and suffers for it. It has its moments but isn't a patch on 'Black Caesar'. I've noticed that quite a few blaxploitation classics fail to deliver with their sequels (I'm especially thinking of 'Foxy Brown', Jack Hill's weak follow up to his sensational 'Coffy'). I wonder why that was? Greed perhaps, or lack of faith in the material, I don't know. Anyway, 'Hell Up In Harlem' is okay, but it could have been, SHOULD have been a lot better! 'Black Caesar' is still brilliant though, don't miss that one.

Gregory G (de) wrote: Before one of them gets married, two friends embark on a week trek through the Santa Ynez Valley wine country, in California, as a final hurrah. The two friends are Paul Giamatti as a self-pitying, struggling author, and passionate oenophile; and Thomas Haden Church as a dimwitted, narcissistic actor about to be married. Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh are women they have a fling with. Based on an unpublished book by Rex Pickett, this widely acclaimed drama was adapted by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, and directed by Payne. This is another one of those heavily symbolic, leisurely paced mid-life crisis dramas with few aesthetic dimensions that critics adore, but feels trivial. The irreverent humor that was so prevalent in Payne's first two pictures is absent. It's more subdued and good-natured here, and even when the dialogue is sharp, as in the discussions over whine, it is too obviously metaphoric. One appalling sequence, when the friends attempt to retrieve a wallet, exists for a crude sight gag that is unnecessary. The casting of the four main actors is astute. It's a pleasure to see these good actors, who are rarely given the opportunity to play big roles like this, come through with fine performances.

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: A coupla guys who've seen a mob movie or two return to the form one more time in this sort of bucket list for mob guys movie. And what do mob guys want at the end of the road? One more job together again, natcherly. Pacino, Walkin & Arkin are old hands at this, and so raise what might've been a banal and cheesy offering to sort of a cool night at the bowling alley with some oldtimers. Some classy oldtimers. Take a selfie with them.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: It's like everyone has two personalities, one you're born with, and one the world gives you.In New York City in 1976-77 the city is plagued by a serial killer randomly killing white brunette girls, usually with their boyfriends. The murder streak gets so large the entire city starts being suspect of each other and more and more vigilantes hit the streets. A group of friends quickly become divided as they start pointing fingers at each other as the killer. This can only turn for the worse as additional victims pile up. "You can't get a yacht with ten grand. You're going to end up with a row boat and two Puerto Rican skanks."Spike Lee, director of She's Gotta Have It, Do the Right Thing, Inside Man, Malcolm X, She Hate Me, 25th Hour, Bamboozled, He Got Game, and Mo Better Blues, delivers Summer of Sam. The storyline for this picture was intense and fairly well written with interesting characters but the ending was a bit unfulfilling. The acting was better than I anticipated and the cast includes John Leguizamo, Adrien Brody, Mira Sorvino, and Jennifer Esposito."I feel like I'm cheating on you with you."I grabbed this off HBOGO as a movie I remember enjoying when I first saw it. The movie has unique drama elements and fascinating characters to follow. The film is well paced, though a bit frustrating at times, and comes to an interesting conclusion. This is far from a perfect film, but it is definitely worth a viewing."You ain't Bruce Lee. Stop kicking Woodstock."Grade: B-

Ronald M (mx) wrote: this movie kept me glued to my seat

Noname (de) wrote: This is one of Eddie Murphys better movies lately released in my opinion. Some funny scenes and a decent story makes this worth seeing.