Martin (Hache)

Martin (Hache)

An emotionally distant father attempts to reconnect with the son he abandoned. After his estranged son (Juan Diego Botto) tries to commit suicide, Argentine expat Martín (Federico Luppi) brings the troubled teen live with him in Spain. But though Martín tries to reach out to his son, he's unable to bond with anyone in his life -- including his much-younger girlfriend

19-year-old Argentina Martin has a nearly fatal drug overdose. After that his mother sends him to Madrid, where his film director father (also called Martin) lives with his new much younger... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian R (au) wrote: You really have to be in to a mood to see this. It's kind of anti-comedy. Parts of it don't really work just because they are nothing more than long shots of sitting or whatever and it becomes annoying (which I get is the point) but despite a few big laughs, I felt like this needed to be shorter add I felt like it was time wasted. Interesting thought experiment though

Jody F (fr) wrote: Obviously the critics whose reviews appear at Rotten Tomatoes would prefer that you avoid this film. Wonder why. The camera doesn't lie. The assholishness of the leftists shown was not faked. The leftist lies are also obvious as is their cowardice. Breitbart was a great man. This is an insightful document representing him. Oh, and Rotten Tomatoes? Jerk move forcing me to use facebook and post this to my timeline so I can rate the film. You suck.

Gianluca B (ru) wrote: Il tipico film che non si vede l'ora finisca.

Matthew H (fr) wrote: Cameron Diaz ruins an otherwise lovely story.

Jayden C (jp) wrote: really not interested

Steve S (au) wrote: ** (out of four) Meg Ryan tries to halt her career from being KO'd, but it doesn't work in this predicatble time waster. Ryan plays legendary female boxing promoter Jackie Kallen. It follows her as she battles the man's world of boxing promoting as she pushes her own boxer to the top.

Andrew F (au) wrote: When I hired it I hadn't realised it was a subtitled film. However once you get past the cheesy Chinese acting it is quite an enjoyable film.

Jenna G (br) wrote: So cheesy and lame. Thank God for Peg Bundy.

Rodney E (fr) wrote: A classic from John Waters had the Odorama cards in its theater run and has it on DVD too. Divine is a housewife nursing a crush on Tab Hunter, while her domestic life falls apart. The son who stomps on women's feet is great.Stiv Bators also has a small role. I almost like Polyester more than Pink Flamingos but both are pretty awesome. A unique movie that's pretty damn funny

John M (jp) wrote: Mainly known for being Mark Hamill's first performance following "Star Wars." A fairly breezy coming-of-age road comedy, created by Matthew Robbins and Hal Barwood, who collaborated many times, highlighted by "Dragonslayer," a personal favorite of mine! The movie goes well throughout until it gets tangled up in its own plot at the end. Hamill gets way-too overworked at times, overacting like he did early in his career. A pretty good late-night bet.

Ian K (mx) wrote: Tensionless fluff. Fumbles on every important narrative level.

John W (gb) wrote: Starring Marlon Brando, Jean Peters and Anthony Quinn. This biopic of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata may be interpreted as a justification for director Elia Kazan and screenwriter John Steinbeck's cowardly testifying before HUAC. Perhaps that is part of why this film does not always work for modern audiences. Brando's hokey make-up and hammy affectations also detract. It is beautifully photographed though, and Quinn (who won an Oscar as Zapata's brother) brings an irresistible naturalism to the proceedings.

John A (gb) wrote: An Extremely Well Put Together Show, Which Features Some Great Songs & The Ridiculously Stupid Slapstick For Children's Entertainment, Also Features Jokes Aimed At The Adult Audience Which Would Go Right Over Children's Heads. Charming, Cheesy And Highly Entertaining This Is A Film That Works On Stage.

Amy H (fr) wrote: This movie started off really well and story was really interesting...until the part where she started to be the actress of a movie..then it got really confusing and I have no idea what or why she's scared! But there are some freaky moments worth watching...not one of the best Thai horror maybe bcos writer was trying to make a diff view on the story?!?