Dramatisation of the true story of the life of Neil "Nello" Baldwin. Born with a mild learning disability but without the burden of social embarrassment & how his inexhaustible ability to see the good in any situation overcame any stigma society tried to label him with.

The film is based on a true story which tells a life of Marvellous. He has a extraordinary life when he does not accept his limitations, pass through many hard challenges in his life to gain the excellent results which makes everybody surprise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Marvellous torrent reviews

Stefany D (gb) wrote: I saw this film yesterday, sad and beautiful. Simple story.

Zib (it) wrote: i thought this movie was awesum!! i really tha actors in it they were all handsome!!

Adam L (ca) wrote: Comedian Stephen Chow portrays a supernatural gambler from the mainland effectively exploited by his uncle (Ng Man-tat) in Hong Kong. Directors Jeff Lau and Corey Yuen Kwai play most of the action straight but Chow has his way with a hilarious parody of John Woo's "The Killer" in the crowd-pleasing gambling comedy that broke all previous domestic records (including Woo's own 1986 watershed "A Better Tomorrow") and turned Chow into the colony's top box office draw deposing Jackie Chan who ruled the market during the '80s.

Beverley M (es) wrote: Absolutely brillant and very disturbing. Excellent storyline and acting.

Joe M (br) wrote: Great movie great cast compelling story i've seen it every year for me and my wife's anniversary SCARY!!

Andy T (mx) wrote: Raging Bull features Martin Scorsese at his finest at the time, and perhaps Robert De Niro's greatest performance on screen, containing complex characters and relationships (with boxing scenes that knockout any in the Rocky franchise) that make it a must-watch for all film fans.

Frances H (nl) wrote: One of the few early Bill Murray movies I hadn't seen many times, and it was simply hilarious! Odd that the cigarette holder foreshadows the one he would sport in the FDR biopic he did recently. His character here reminds me somewhat of the groundskeeper he played in Caddyshack and Groucho Marx. Should receive more airtime.

Jeff S (de) wrote: I don't understand all the flack this film gets. A lot funnier than most of the comedies that come out nowadays

Thomas R (es) wrote: Just saw the movie on NetflixDE. Its a nice, BMS like movie you'll enjoy as a fan of the TV Series. For sure, there are a few things questionable, like when did the goat house move to a see? But for a kickstarter funded project its nice, funny and also with some old missed characters like Craig Shilo and Radon Randell. But this is my opinion. Make your own and go watch the movie, GoGoats!!