An Iranian-born teenager living in suburban New Jersey thinks of herself as simply an American until anti-Iranian sentiment erupts in her community after American hostages are held in Iran.

An Iranian-born teenager living in suburban New Jersey thinks of herself as simply an American until anti-Iranian sentiment erupts in her community after American hostages are held in Iran. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew M (gb) wrote: Not as bad as the first half, but the lead actor changes from the last film to this one... and you would think it would be an improvement but no. This one at least made me giggle a lot. It's not good, and has the weirdest characters... but the puppets do a little bit more... The "America Rules" stuff got a lil annoying. I dunno. Not really worth the look, unless you are stoned or something.

Enaxerandyr D (us) wrote: Black fucking metal \m/

J B (au) wrote: maybe.. most movies like this one I end up liking..

Craig B (au) wrote: Cornflakes are counter-revolutionary. Apparently.

Anthony L (au) wrote: A nice story but way to heavy handed and with gringeworthy performances. Much like her other films, director Mimi Leder concentrates on the less important factors of the story and lets the 'message' slip into the ether. Spacey and Hunt however, only have themselves to blame for their awful acting.

Lovro H (de) wrote: I barely finished this movie. It's unbearable. Divergent is, of course, an adaptation of a YA novel, Divergent. It's very obvious that it's a YA novel and not a good book, because of all the cliches this genre has to offer (with a few books being exceptions). The story follows Beatrice, or Tris, who has reached a certain age where all the kids have to choose which faction to join. Oh, this is another example of a world set in the future where everyone is divided into groups/factions/districts, whatever you want to call it. Tris' original faction is Abnegation and she chooses Dauntless, some crazy mofos who do parkour and fighting, it's really not important, I won't even try to explain the other factions. But, in order to have a plot even more similar to other movies/books of this type, she's different. Oh yeah, she's a divergent! She shows abilities of all the factions and that makes her a threat or something, it's really stupid. So, yeah, all divergents must be killed because they're different. *sigh* Speaking of cliches, all the main characters are teenagers who are trying to destroy the "government" run by adults who control everything. For a second there I thought I was reviewing The Hunger Games, which is a much better series than this crap. But what kind of a YA adaptation would it be without romance, eh? Eh? A good one probably. Tris is in love with her trainer/boss/something, who goes by the name Four (his real name is Tobias) and yes, he does take his shirt off and has sex with Tris, because, that's mandatory for these types of movies. Also the fact that our characters always look like they just had their hair done, just finished doing their makeup etc. etc. makes this movie even more unrealistic and painful to watch. I hate everything about this movie. The main ingredient for a good movie is originality. There is nothing original about this movie. Nothing. The CGI is pretty good, though. So, what have we learned from this movie? If you make a movie based on an overrated, popular YA novel which basically uses every single cliche possible for this genre, you're gonna earn a lot of money because teens are still stupid enough to think this type of movies/books are good and something totally groundbreaking with great messages and characters. All in all, a horrible abomination of a movie with characters you don't care about, too much exposition, cliched story with cliched outcomes and a cliche ending which obviously sets up a sequel, which I cannot wait to see! And yeah, I did read the book. It's not better. If anything, it's even more horrible since it takes longer to finish it. Don't watch this, I beg of you.

Michelle F (es) wrote: lite humor, love unity of women and great choice in cast.