Más allá del jardín

Más allá del jardín


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Más allá del jardín torrent reviews

Mohamedbaquir N (jp) wrote: Nice masala flick. Reminded me of a light version of Gangajal.

Timm S (fr) wrote: Always A Going To Be A Disaster When The Supporting Actor (Trautmann) Outshines The Lead (Barton) Whom Paid/Exec-Produced The Film.

Dane L (fr) wrote: Where there were interests peaked, there was no plot follow through. Where there was suspense, there was no direction. The droplets of mystery and intrigue fell but filled no more than a fourth of the bucket. In short, I felt foolish for being patient with this snail of a film because when the credits rolled, I was left uninspired and irritated.

michael s (es) wrote: I want my 30 minutes back I wasted on this worthless film, if youve seen the first 3 minutes youve seen the movie

Kelly K (de) wrote: Very cute movie about learning responsibility and selflessness. Yes, it was a bit corny and predictable, but it was nonetheless fun, and teaches fortunate people how to care about people less fortunate.

John L (es) wrote: This Movie scratches a nice itch if you are a gambler like myself. Even so, some of it seems a little fake. Al Pacino works well in his role and the movie does have its dramatic moments concerning the ups and downs of sports-betting.

Troy K (ru) wrote: 3.5/5 Nothing as special as the reviews make it out to be, but I really liked it.

Dominic S (ca) wrote: haha, this films pretty lame.... but good too

Rob R (kr) wrote: No 2/50 in the Chilling Classic collection. Decent enough although not even slightly chilling, it being a gangster film. I'm going to have stop getting confused when I get confused because it's not really my fault and the multitude of plot holes and general lack of exposition seems to be part of the experience. Didn't have much in way of laugh out loud silliness, but did have full frontal. Blurred, but full.

Mary Irene T (jp) wrote: interesting... :o) unfortunately, i didn't have my glasses on, so i couldn't read the subtitles. but brandon brought me up to speed and the imagery was entertaining enough for a nice evening of computing and watching at the same time.

Grant W (ru) wrote: "Billy Jack" acts less like an action hero and more like a symbol of justice for the extremist left. Some may not like the heavy dialogue exchanges, but the topic at hand here is both interesting and controversial. The discussions made me want to participate alongside the youths to thwart against, not the conservatives, but the awful, asshole things the police forces and two other numb-nut characters do to the innocent during this film. It is definitely a period piece film (a good one at that) and the political talk remains relevant today.Kudos to Laughlin's hard work on making this low-budget, independent film a success because it is shot very well, has some well done action scenes (even though they're sparse), and it makes use of a soundtrack that compliments the film's visuals, characters, and message.