Masacre Marcial IVX

Masacre Marcial IVX

The young Propoleo watches the killing of his parents and he grows up training martial arts to take his revenge.

The young Propoleo watches the killing of his parents and he grows up training martial arts to take his revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ralph R (ag) wrote: Filip Garbacz gives an outstanding performance as a young teen who goes from being a naive street hustler to a pimp with his own stable of colts. Unfortunately the version I saw did not have English translations, but the acing and overall exceptional production of the Polish film is apparent. You can catch it for free on Youtube.

Dave W (br) wrote: A heartfelt, incredibly touching and often very funny enemble piece with superb performances by all. Pulls the hearts strings and tickles the funny bone in all the right places.

Jarrod N (it) wrote: Superb. So there are a few fart jokes, that's what we did back then. Love, comedy, drama, and even some Hitchcock.

Daniel D (gb) wrote: It's an acceptable romantic film, but it just feels like it's missing something? Where's the spark? Where's the magic? To me romantic films need to have a challenge of some sort that the couple can confront and vanquish, but this here the romance just feels too easy for me. You don't get a sense that these guys are struggling imo.

Scott R (es) wrote: Very manipulative and liberal with the story. But it does make a compelling case against the prison system and the inhumane conditions at Alcatraz. Bacon is good, hawke is convincing. It has a few good court room scenes, but it is not one to watch multiple times.

Jake D (it) wrote: It's quite typical. Wesley Snipes does a good job, but the rest of the cast kind of is a bit below par. The movie lacks in a couple spots, and it really shows you how far Snipes seems to have sunk. I don't know what happened to him, but lets hope he gets back on track soon.

Vincent P (mx) wrote: As big a slap in the face to its predecessor as this is, it's not without its own inexplicable entertainment value.

James H (de) wrote: Dreadful blaxpoitation martial arts film, very cheaply made with obvious and poorly choreographed action scenes. The acting is the pits. The plot is laughably bad. I real loser.

Howard H (de) wrote: One of the Finest War Movie

Dan A (fr) wrote: Sharon stone back in her slutty days

Tal W (br) wrote: The climax scene (which spans a solid 30 min, and consists of about 10 simultaneous moving parts of character and script) is incredibly well acted.

Loreno V (it) wrote: This is the worst Underworld movie in my opinion. Acting was not too good,especially by Shane Brolly. The action sequences are good though.

Andy P (mx) wrote: With it's star-studded cast and sumptuous visuals, this hugely ambitious picture is one of the biggest and best movie Westerns, and one of the last great epics to come from MGM.