Krish is a happy-go-lucky guy who lives with his brother and sister-in-law. He woos a girl named Manju. Manju happens to be the daughter of a Mla Simhachalam. Krish's only intention is to become rich by marrying her and doesn't have any feelings whatsoever toward her. He also meets a girl called Meenakshi, aka Meenu ; he starts to like her for real and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Simhachalam and Shinde run against each other in a presidential election in Delhi. Shinde is a man of misdeeds. Shinde tries to find faults in Simhachalam's personal life so that he can expose him in front of the high command of the party, so that his route will be clear to get the party ticket. Shinde comes to learn that Simhachalam has another wife (Sita) and a daughter who live in Hyderabad. He sends his men to find them. .

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Telugu,Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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An unemployed slacker attempts to woo and marry a woman who is going to live abroad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Maska torrent reviews

Kiev M (es) wrote: Ya know. Not too bad. But the acting was much better than the plot itself

Lisa N (kr) wrote: Love watching tennis, and this was a very interesting documentary.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: Berkeley director and producer Bill Kinder shot the entire film in the Bay Area, most of it taking place in Oakland, Emeryville and Vallejo. Fantastic cinematography throughout, with a few shots which are particularly engaging.Brilliant acting from Carla Pauli who played Kerryann. She completely stole the show. The character says relatively very little in the film, getting her entire story across with few words. There's never a need for her to explain anything to anyone about what she's been through in the Army or where she's coming from emotionally, because all of that comes across so well in her performance. Not one word was wasted. Eric Michael Kochmer, who plays Ricky Ray the crooked Oakland cop, also gave a fantastic performance.The Occupy protests in Oakland served as a backdrop for the story. It had seemed at first like the protests would affect or be affected by the main story at some point, but they remained just a backdrop; which disappointed me at first, but I came to really appreciate the subtlety of it.Though the story focuses on a female, it seems the writer Kevin Warner treated the character no differently than he would have if it were a male. She was tough and intelligent, and despite our expectations, doesn't get romantically or sexually involved with anyone. She comes across like a real person who actually just got out of the army, as opposed to the Megan Foxx type that a Hollywood production company might have cast just so the audience can see her take off her uniform at some point. It's clear that the writer and director of White Rabbit have respect for this character, and value truth over flash.Kerryann is quirky and sarcastic with a grudge against the world, making for both some nice drama and brilliant comedic moments. She has a pet chameleon which serves as an intriguing visual element, a nice reflection of Kerryann's character, and even a plot device at one point. Fun elements like the chameleon, the suspicious elderly landlords that think Kerryann's up to something, and the gossiping office ladies where Kerryann works all contribute to the overall character and quirkiness of the film, making it both entertaining and genuine.I was disappointed by the climax and resolution at first, but after taking some time to think about it, I've come to see how the climax and resolution they went with works for the character and creates a better arc for her. I do think the thriller element could have been more intense with some better build-up leading to the climax, but overall, great job of remaining both realistic and entertaining all the way through.White Rabbit accomplished something very interesting with very few words, it felt real. It was as if somehow the film makers knew me. Like they studied my apartment before designing Kerryanne's . The hobbies are different, but walk into my apartment and within seconds you will start to see a trail of springs, screws, ball bearings, gears, motors, etc..It was hard for me not to see myself in Kerryanne. I'm that veteran who carries a multi tool in his backpack and who can somehow always manage to fix whats broken. I'm that vet who sometimes seals himself inside his mind, and who can sometimes let months pass before calling home. And I'm the vet who can remember an entire day in Iraq by just hearing one sound..It became increasingly clear that the writers had done their homework. I recognized the SINCGARS radio, the Beretta, the radio chatter. The movie felt, at the expense of sounding like Kurt Sutter, organic. While I was still a little disappointed with the ending, I've come to appreciate that they didn't go for too much of a Lethal Weapon-esque climax.

Marcio S (it) wrote: Stellan Skarsgard when not in stealth mode, shows a delightful, comic and strong performance. A great actor in movie that is funnier than it thinks.

Hiatt N (gb) wrote: John Lasseter and his team of artists, and animators have watched way too much Michael Bay movies & Fast & the Furious, it should have been rated PG.

Olly H (ca) wrote: its ok...but nothing more...atmospheric but sometimes also a little bit boring

Andy D (it) wrote: found it sick and twisted but great, gory in places with some humour must see in my eyes ps not for the faint hearted

Daniel T (jp) wrote: A good natured man attempts to take revenge on his mother who abandoned him a long time ago. Turns out she's Lady Macbeth reincarnated. Quirky, funny and entertaining.

KEN B (jp) wrote: Funny, Sweet, Sad, even Silly. Yet wonderful withal: Schultze, a rock of salt on the earth, is a yearning soul on a journey to his own understandings. You have to love the guy not only for trying, but for doing it against all his odds!

Vitor A (ca) wrote: English SUBSCensored Version (85 min.)

Li W (ca) wrote: Karisma Kappor was annoying and Aamir Khan was a dork but i ended up liking the end. THe gender stuff weird though.

Tim M (it) wrote: Imagine if the whole world was populated by Debarge. Now make it gayer.

Juli N (br) wrote: Terrible! But has a cool ending!

Steve R (ru) wrote: American imperialism is a worthy (albeit conveniently big) target for satire, and Klein's story of a super anti-hero who destroys a big chunk of a foreign country in the name of "freedom" is intermittently funny and, of course, still sadly relevant today. But like the other two films in the Eclipse box set, this one suggests that Klein lacks the formal rigor to be anything more than a mildly interesting American ex-pat version of Godard.

Ishmael N (ca) wrote: is a old movie [email protected] must c................

Dan K (us) wrote: Enjoyed the cinema as poetic image approach

Josh M (fr) wrote: One of the best sci-fi/action films ever made and Schwarzenegger is a straight bad ass! The Predator gives a new meaning to the word "alien" and is probably the best fictional monster ever created.

James G (nl) wrote: An extremely well rounded anthology film. You will find everything you need. Take it as a ride. Go for it. Enjoy each moment. Some will scare you, make you laugh, sit at the edge of your seat, touch you, turn away in disgust and laugh again. It's well worth it to see it.