A married woman becomes romantically involved with a basketball player, and decides to get him just for herself.

A married woman becomes romantically involved with a basketball player, and decides to get him just for herself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Maskarada torrent reviews

Kristal C (nl) wrote: A comprehensive and eye-opening doc about the life of a man known more for his lifestyle than his charitable and social work, which is too bad because there's no doubt the man is inspiring in his conviction. Berman does a good job of packing 80-odd years of story into a two-hour film but it's a bit too much of a love letter. The doc only quickly touches on the feminist view of a man who bulit his empire on the backs of nude women and barely explores the claim by several employees that he's a tough man to work for. A good doc but it would have been great if it had been more balanced.

Nicket S (us) wrote: A smart film that is superbly directed and thoroughly entertaining without any dull moments.Class performances by Boman Irani and Mahesh Manjrekar(who is at the top of his game) while Kunal Khemu and Cyrus Broacha are bearable.

Doctor S (ag) wrote: Can't believe I wasted time watching this, so I'm sure not going to waste additional time writing about it.

Ole J (it) wrote: Its a very enjoyable film, very colorfull, filled with happy people, dancing etc. Its just like a Bollywood should be... but in not that into the Bollywood genre, eventhough they are great. beatifull, funny and so on, they just dont catch me.

Parker R (ca) wrote: The believability of the human drama is what helps create tension and a sense of helplessness in this low budget thriller that effectively increases as the film progresses.

John P (ca) wrote: Delroy Lindo does a fantastic job as a Jamaican immigrant trying to settle into a very conservative 'white' neighborhood of London. Sam Smith does an excellent job of a young Jewish boy, addicted to cricket by unable to play any. Cricket is the glue which binds and then tears apart and then brings together again their worlds. Rocking Jamaican music (reminded me of Harry Belafonte) keeps the beat of the movie.A well made, poignant movie dealing with society, color and cricket.Well worth a warch.

Paul J (fr) wrote: It drags along at a most lame and tedious pace. A standard slasher that jumps on the Friday the 13th bandwagon. Apart from one surprising plot twist, the story is a complete bore. Interestingly, it was a LA film school project made by a couple students. Clearly, the reason the film was banned was due to the ending. The censors are never pleased when the killer gets away and there is no retribution. That said, if you're curious at all, be sure and get the newly released Blue Ray uncut version titled The Dorm that Dripped Blood. The release going by the name, Pranks, is censored. This latest uncut version has plenty of gruesome bits that are still quite shocking. Also, the remastered Chris Young score ain't bad.

Jos M (de) wrote: La banda sonora, los personajes, la historia, el tipo de pelcula que me gusta.

Marischa B (au) wrote: Well honestly there is nothing very special in Embrace of the Vampire and it wont make a difference if you skip it....The movie is not scary or thrilling and the climax is quit predictable as well. If you are expecting a little bit of action then you are in for a disappointment. As far as the acting is concerned, its not bad at all..... Sharon Hinnendael who plays the lead as Charlotte has done a fine job (though sometimes she does try to act like Kristen Stewart in Twilight...lolz), the other cast has done a good job as well, I wont say great but good.... The girls in the movie including Sharon show quite a bit of skin so that keeps it a bit interesting ha ha.The plot is simple, an Orphan girl goes to a top grade University for higher studies on scholarship, conveniently the university campus is in a beautiful hilly location, where an innocent Vampire just happens to be waiting for her for past 500 years or so...gah...If you are watching this movie for the story, thrill, suspense or horror element then you will be disappointed. However, if you feel like killing your time or like me you are a fan of vampire movies you might find it watchable.Overall nothing very special..... but I don't think anyone would get bored while watching it

Willian S (nl) wrote: o melhor filme de guerra

Lovyn L (mx) wrote: Good young actor and actresses. However, while the female lead is suppose to be selectively mute, I don't think she is in the show. She appears more like she doesn't want to speak and not like she can't.