Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal

A young seminarian rattles the established order at a Catholic parish run by an older pastor. (

A popular Connecticut priest shields a seminary rebel from the wrath of a stern monsignor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve Z (us) wrote: Interesting drama, but so poorly acted it was a letdown.

Richard S (kr) wrote: Half an hour into this movie I would have rated this less but I'm glad I stuck with it because you really have to wait until the bigger picture is revealed. To describe the plot would reveal one of the big plot twists of the movie. It begins like many other movies have with 5 strangers waking up in a secluded location with no memory but this is far from a copy of one of those movies.I really enjoyed it, a great mystery with some very dark plot twists along the way.

Frank R (au) wrote: Would I want to see this film again? No, not really. For one thing, it is much too long. There are entire, !long scenes that could have been cut or shortened without losing anything vital. For example, the camera follows an apple as it rolls down a slope into a stream. Lovely, yes, but does it add to the story. Story? Did someone mention a story of some sort? What I found admirable is how the prosecutor slowly comes to realize that (spoiler alert!!!) his wife committed suicide as revenge for his infidelity. It is marvelous how this realization is brought about. The rest of the film, a police procedural, is what brings the prosecutor and the medical examiner together, and as a frame for the conversations between the two men, it is far too detailed, far too long, the point of which completely escaped me.It ends because, probably, they ran out of film.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Her gas problems are going to take the paint off the house.Marissa Wilson is a former spy that retired after the birth of her daughter. She is now a simple house mom with her baby and two step children. When a sinister villain, The Timekeeper, arrives on their door steps, the step mother springs into action and brings her step children along for bonding purposes."This is obviously the panic room.""Why?""Because it's a room and I'm panicking."Robert Rodriguez, director of The Faculty, Desperado, Sin City, Dusk Till Dawn, Spy Kids 1-3, Machete, Planet Terror, Machete Kills, and Sin City: A Dame to Die For, delivers Spy Kids 4. The storyline for this picture is disappointing and has little going for it. The special effects and characters are okay and there are some nice cameos in here."Our stepmother is a spy?""Impossible. She's not cool enough."I added all four of these movies to the Netflix wish list for my daughter and I. She loves these movies. She is glued to them from beginning to end. These are nothing special, and fairly poorly written, but kids love these movies; at least, mine did."Is the baby throwing food again?"Grade: D

Niklas J (br) wrote: Not to bad. A pleasant surprise.

Anatoly S (jp) wrote: A documentary about Harlan Ellison, an incredibly talented writer and also a hilariously bitter person. Very fun to watch if you enjoy a company of a cranky old jew. RECOMMENDED

JG4 T (mx) wrote: Pretty good comedy Adam Sandler plays a pretty good character in this movie but not a perfect movie How the kids control the dreams that come in real life but other then that I love it so much a good family comedy I can watch this over and over really really funny

Rachael E (au) wrote: A very beautigul, very raw film. Lots of gorgous charecter, and structral contrasts. Everett Lewis= genious

Barney o (us) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: 'Finding Nemo' is one of those films that just represents very simple, very effective story-telling that works extremelly well. The adventure is easy but highly engaging because the father-son relationship is well developed, the meaningful arcs with humourous over-tones to make the whole experience really fun but gripping at the same time, and a layer of visual and audiable splendour fill you with confidence in the fact that Pixar really know what they're doing.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: There's no getting away from it, it's hardly the most layered film of all time (and the single setting drives this point home a little too much occasionally).VERDICT: 'Finding Nemo' is back-to-basics storytelling that works because it's executed so well. I mean, who doesn't hold a place in their heart for this classic?

Andy P (us) wrote: A pretty decent, if not by the books, flick for the 'young adult' crowd. I thought Sinbad was charming and this happens to be the performance I think of when I think of Danny Concannon.

James B (de) wrote: A really good movie. I remember watching it way back in the day and it was one of my favorites. It's a little long though. That would be my only complaint.

Peter S (jp) wrote: Great ending and Brian Dennehy

J K (fr) wrote: Worth a viewing if you're hankering for a good old fashioned western.

Dave J (br) wrote: Monday, August 8, 2011 (1970) Cold Sweat ACTION Not very good which has a "Spaghetti Western" feel to it which has alot of voice over dubbing similar to anything that is a Spaghetti western, especailly showcasing actors who can't even speak any English! Plot has secret army person finally tracked down by his cohorts only to be beraded to do a specific job to pay off whatever they feel owed to them after the Charles Bronson character ambandons them as a result of a kiling of a German police officer! Known for directing few James Bond pictures, it appears the director Terence Young was directing this picture for the purposed of money! Taken from a novel called "Ride The Nightmare" writen by Richard Matheson! Frequent co-star and husband of Bronson, Jill Ireland also stars, which is one of 14 films they had starred together! 2 out of 4

Matt R (kr) wrote: The eye-popping animation provides great eye candy, but the momentum is crippled by disjointed storytelling. The result is a film whose individual parts are greater than the whole.

Eero V (kr) wrote: There's no denying that David Cronenberg's adaptation of Don DeLillo's 2003 novel has potential; capitalism, the power of money and economic complexities are always topical themes. But the film's execution is beyond irritating, resulting to a shallow, dull and completely empty film. Cronenberg's direction is typically masterful; though we're inside a limousine most of the time, it never feels claustrophobic. But Cosmopolis is so loyal to his cold and distant style this time that the film leaves your teeth clattering - and not in a good way. The plot is nonexistent, characters talking heads and the dialogue unbelievably stupid (Cronenberg reportedly adapted the dialogue straight from the novel, and completed the script in six days). The film may have interesting ideas beneath it, but there are much better ways to express them and make the audience think about them than slow, episodic, numbing and flatulent storytelling. It only works as a showcase for Robert Pattinson's talent - props to him for having the balls to do something this unconventional after cementing his teen idol status with the Twilight film series. Pattinson and the always terrific Paul Giamatti are a joy to watch, and Sarah Gadon is pretty - those are the only good things I can find from this huggermugger. Other than that, Cosmopolis is just a pathetic exercise in monotony and pseudo-intellectuality that falls flat on its face. I like Cronenberg's older work, but this is his most vacuous, self-indulgent and emptiest film since Spider.