Massacre River

Massacre River

Two Cavalry Officers clash over the Colonel's Daughter at a remote outpost with Indian troubles.

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Cedric L (au) wrote: Smartly written and well-acted.

Julia L (nl) wrote: I just couldn't get into it. I don't know why, either. I am generally into these types of movies.

Jennie R (mx) wrote: This a movie to see. Not because it is action packed or a great story but because it shows that the same drive for artistic expression exists everywhere. This film shows a culture very different from my own and the extreme rules they are under in order to even get a permit to perform. I was moved by the efforts the musicians go through to try and get out and publicly perform. The ending could have been different. Thought it was a bit dramatic for this piece. The music is outstanding and I plan to purchase the soundtrack.

Jacob M (gb) wrote: I remember first seeing the trailer for this a long while back and wanting to see this, but I just never got around to doing so. Now I don't know why I waited so long. I think this is a great film that takes a serious and realistic look at high school life. The characters mumble and show little emotion in an effort to blend in to their surroundings and not stick out, yet they all hide their own dark secrets and personality flaws from the rest of the world. They adapt voyeuristic tastes and view the troubles of others instead of deal with their own, whether through watching cell phone videos of student fights on YouTube or making such spying videos of their own. The acting does get a bit dull at times and tedious to follow along with, and the quiet audio and super-steady camera shots may start to drag on one's patience. But for the most part that fits along with the amateurish, voyeuristic mood of the piece. And the performances, for how plain they were, do captivate the audience in a neo-realistic sense. This is a director to keep an eye on in the future.

Ryan M (de) wrote: This movie is absolutely adorable and such a joy to watch. How can anyone not like it?

Nicolas M (ca) wrote: Le quotidien d'un jeune flic normand qui rve de venir vivre la grande vie de flic de la PJ sur le terrain Paris, parce qu'au Havre (o sa femme est toujours institutrice) "va y avoir qu'un meurtre par an et a sera un mec bourr la sortie d'une boite". Pas parmi les premiers de sa promo, il n'en est pas moins zl et plein de certitudes sur tout. Il devient vite la mascotte de l'quipe et trpigne d'impatience de voir son premier cadavre.Pour une fois, pas de super flic la Olivier Marchal (dont j'aime bien le cinma aussi mais qui se veut rsolument tourn vers le spectacle), on est plus proche de la srie "PJ" de France 2 (ceci n'est pas une insulte) que des bad boys de "Braquo" : des SDF balancs dans la Seine, le travail laborieux de l'investigation de terrain (planque, enqute de voisinage, auditions o la barrire de la langue vient poser problme), les cicatrices laisses par le pass, la cellule familiale recre au sein de l'quipe, les problmes familiaux... Du flic humain, en veux-tu ? En voil.Jalil Lespert se dbrouille pas trop mal et est assez crdible en jeune flic zl et toujours ravi de ce qui lui arrive. Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas en dire autant de Nathalie Baye. J'ai pass le film tre surpris que ses collgues la tutoient tant elle est pte-sec et distante. Elle joue cot de la plaque, son alcoolisme sonne faux, tout comme les raisons qui l'ont entrain au fond.Assez difficile de dire ce qui me reste de ce "petit lieutenant". Assez convaincu par le quotidien de l'quipe, par leurs rapports entre eux, par l'anglisme de Lespert, moins par l'histoire de Nathalie Baye. Ceci dit, le regard sur la police (ni saints, ni salauds) a le mrite d'tre original et le parti pris raliste fonctionne pas trop mal.

Thomas J (de) wrote: Such a tough topic, but Sigourney Weaver is the Lifetime movie character actor of real movies. Great acting from all of the cast, but the subject is not a cheerful one.

Tavis B (mx) wrote: Pretty good, but where was Elijah Wood?

Brian A (kr) wrote: Second of the series. Can't really get into it, seems more sci-fi than horror.


Todd S (fr) wrote: The stunt, the action, and the eye candy was incredible. The storyline was strong and this movie could have been great, if they had focused as much attention on the story and the conflict as they did on the stunts. All in all, very entertaining, eventhou there isn't much of a story to it.

Alaine B (kr) wrote: Good way to spend some time.

Shawn M (kr) wrote: Romance rarely makes for good, fresh storytelling, and it even more rarely makes for good comedy.

Theresa M (fr) wrote: How had I never seen this?! Very John Watersesque...loved it! Thx Tristram.

Alexandra S (fr) wrote: Watched at Casey's birthday party

Luke C (us) wrote: Really enjoyable. So flippen funny. Laugh all the way through from start to finish. Brilliant!!!

Eric E (nl) wrote: This could have been called, "The Longest Film." Uninteresting story of a lost, spoiled, irresponsible adult-child (Jason Bateman), who messes up a potential relationships with Beatrice (Olivia Wilde), and, seemingly, his only friend Dylan (Billy Crudup). Very slowly paced movie that has you wanting it to end. 20 minutes into it. Pass.