Massacre Time

Massacre Time

In 1866 New Mexico, Tom Corbett is a prospector who is called back to his hometown in Laramie Town, Texas at the bequest of a old family friend. Tom arrives in the town to see it under the control of a ruthless and greedy gangster named Jason Scott, who's psychotic and murder-crazed son, Junior Scott, runs it with fear with a posse of thugs who kill anyone who protests their business tactics. Tom finds his brother Jeff, a drunkard looked after by their family maid Mercedes. Tom then tries to persuade Jeff to help him take down the sadistic Scotts so the town can rest easy in peace and harmony again.

A prospector must fight a sadistic man and his son who have taken over his ranch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paula C (nl) wrote: Ok the thing about the Aliens? I believe, it is not so far fetched to think that we are the only human type of life in the entire cosmos. That part of the film may turn people off to an otherwise brilliant investigation into the history of the wealthy few who really run things in the world. I would add that they can because we have let them ( no blame though!) no matter where we are in our waking up process, we can participate in the creation of a new experience where we all win. Watch the film and be inspired to take the next right action for yourself and humanity!

Mui H (mx) wrote: Time Waste - 3 hours in the hole

Milla V (au) wrote: Zellweger ei niinkaan lukeudu suosikkeihin mutta elokuva oli tunnelmallinen ja koskettava. Kasi sydammella tata seurasin. Ja myos McGregoria ihastelin.

Cynthia S (de) wrote: A good script, well performed by a really good cast...including Juliette Lewis (I say this even though I am not a fan). I was very impressed with Joshua Jackson, and Donald Sutherland in this film. The main plot deals with mortality, growing old, and the love of family...all with a touch of saddness, and humor together. Nice movie.

Ahmed M (au) wrote: This movie was purely bad, one of the worst horror/suspense movies I've watched in quite some time. It was predictable and had a few "what?" moments, not in a good way. If you want to watch something predictable and get a headache watch this movie. The only reason this movie even deserves a star is because all the stars did a good job, for example Urmila did a great job, and so did Manoj Bajpai, even though I got annoyed of him, but I guess that was the point.

Kim B (ag) wrote: Pretty shallow MTV-version of drug-addiction. I still found it somewhat interesting, I liked the soundtrack.

Lisa M (gb) wrote: Very stylish! Great action and characters! At first glance this film looks like a Luc Besson film.

John K (us) wrote: There one thing I liked this movie, its messed up, watching it with MST3K makes it better," magic powder" that makes people happy, special effects that make you laugh, and my personal favorite vampire robot reindeers ( they don't call them vampires but the little boy warn Santa return before sunrise or they will turn into dust) When he turns them back to life its creepy, after the reindeer laughs I notice two pentagrams in the back round, no I'm not kidding. Overall its an entertaining piece of shit.

Mario C (it) wrote: This film got me into the Zombie genre

Richard G (kr) wrote: Robert Benchley is the main character, so this instantly is a fine film. And it does achieve its objective, which is to educate the viewer as to how animation films were produced at the Walt Disney Studios during the golden age. The film shows stages of Dumbo and Bambi which were currently in production.The film is very vintage, though, and I gave myself the challenge of making three kids sit through this. One became extremely restless about 2/3 into it, but eventually we all made it to the finish. It's a great "forgotten" Disney animation feature you might surprise the family with one evening.

MEC r (fr) wrote: I didn't like this movie.

William C (gb) wrote: Grade:Low 6/10National Lampoons European Vacation is a film that although never livesup it's very good starting film, still manages a few chuckles andbrings us back a family we love to laugh at. It has a lot of new placesand doesn't just stick around from the first film, travelling acrossEurope the Griswold family get up to more crazy hijinks and basicallyruin everything for anyone that comes there way. I thought it wassafely a kind of OK movie, and here Is why.The story is as crazy as the first and never really stops trying thesame thing, you could say this is what makes this not the best comedy,but the old jokes still sure do work. It is fast paced and they movearound very quickly from place to place, it doesn't affect it but itcan be hard to establish characters they come across who just seem likethey are all cameos. It has it's moments of jokes, not too many but nojokes annoy so it doesn't quite ever get to be a bad movie.Chevy Chase is good in the movie, his funny acting skill is slightlydrowned out by some poor writing and direction but he still does a goodjob to be the head of the family. I found the rest of the family poorand the two new children actors who took over from the first filmsoriginals just aren't funny, it lacks the one liners the first twochildren brought to us. I liked the cameos we do see they are funny,don't work so well as I previously said but still add to the humour.I'm sad to say Amy Heckerling doesn't do to good of a job here, I thinkone reason people disliked this movie at the time was because of herdirection, she doesn't do enough to bring the laughs out of the scenes.John Hughes has massive talent in comedy writing and even stronger whenwriting cross country trip comedies, and he doesn't do BAD here, justnot great either, the words are the funniest part of this movie andchuckles can be had but I expected much better from such a legend ofcomedy writing.My main criticism as can be seen is the lack of jokes, they are thereyes but don't often come out and when they do you could already behating the film. Starts very slow and although it does get into a nicerhythm, Chase can't do enough to make it good enough. I also dislikedthe timing, bit too short or maybe the scenes are too short, much morecould have been done in timing the film.I think those who liked the first film will enjoy this, nowhere near asmuch but you still get some genuine laughs and if you heard it is bad,then you may feel guilty because you will laugh. It has a lot ofslapstick type jokes, so for those who dislike that kind of thing stayaway for good. This film seems almost as if the family don't bond atall so it could be said if you like dysfunctional comedies.Overall I give this a mark of low 6/10 as it is a Safely OK-ish Movie,nowhere near being Good let alone OK but still more than just youraverage comedy, well in my opinion. I think some may hate this, somemay love it, it depends on whether you think you have such a thing asclass when it comes to movie. Don't think into this film too much andit could have you in stitches, if you do, you may despise it.

Pan C (gb) wrote: Decent horror flick. Has a brave go at having a plot, which doesn't work out completely, but if anything it errs on the side of being convoluted rather than not enough. The mood is set nicely, and this makes the scenes come alive. Not the masterpiece of masterpieces, but go in expecting an okay B-movie, and be entertained.

Zack M (au) wrote: It Follows tells the story of a teenage girl, Jay (portrayed by Maika Monroe), who is constantly being stalked by an "it" that only she can see. No one necessarily knows what exactly "it" is, but we do know that it has the capability to change it?s appearance at will to affect its victim in the way that it sees fit. My best guess as to what "it" is, is a paranormal entity that is similar to the horror movie icon Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's "IT;" Something that is able to take the shape of different things. The only difference in It Follows is that the "it" can only take the form of a human. Is it a coincidence that the ?it? is similar to Pennywise? I'll leave that for you to judge. Getting back to the actual plot, you might be wondering how this "it" came to follow Jay?? The answer is rather obvious?she had sex, of course! The one single action that is guaranteed to give a character a death wish in horror movies stays consistent in this movie! Over the course of the movie, the audience discovers that the only way make "it" stop following you is to have sex with another person and pass it along. Jay's friends join in and try to help her get rid of "it" and in turn, we have the movie. I'm not going to lie; you are either going love or hate It Follows. My good friend Derek Boyer, hated the movie, but I absolutely LOVED it. Pretty much every aspect of this movie was brilliant. The direction by David Robert Mitchell was solid, the acting performance by Monroe was convincing and powerful, and the score by Rich Vreeland was utter perfection. I haven?t heard a more eerie score since Insidious came out in 2010 and that is saying something. One of the aspects that worked so well for this movie is that the idea Mitchell had was so simple. His goal was have something slowly stalk a character for about an hour and a half and gradually build tension through different camera angles and a bone chilling score. Mitchell accomplished his goal because the finished product freaked me the hell out. Please note, I said that this movie ?freaked me the hell out.? I did not say this movie "scary." It Follows does not contain anything that will make you jump or cause you to have nightmares. Instead, "It Follows" will make you check your surroundings after you watch it and see if anyone is following you. It creates a great sense of unease amongst the audience and is seriously eerie. If you have seen the 1978 movie Halloween, some of the shots and scenes will look oddly familiar to that movie. Mitchell took some of the elements that John Carpenter used in his masterpiece and adapted them to his vision. Some will not appreciate that but I thought it worked well. He never really straight up copied the Halloween but it did get close in a specific scene. Even though there were an abundance of positives, this movie did still have its problems. The performances given by Jay's friends were subpar at best. None of them stood out so I won't list their names because they are pretty irrelevant. Too often, they were just there, doing nothing. The movie also does not answer all of the questions the film proposes. I enjoy movies that make you think and allow you to come to your own conclusions but sometimes as an audience we need more answers. How did this curse start? What happens when it gets ahold of you? Things I'd love to know. The ending of this movie was clever in my mind but many will not like it. After you all watch, I'd love to hear what you guys think. Let me know down below in the comments. The only thing I will say is too often horror movies are ruined by sequels and there is absolutely no way an It Follows 2 could be made. Thank the Lord. All in all, It Follows is a fantastically directed and beautifully presented horror movie that never tried to outdo itself. The plot was simple, yet effective, and will have the viewers constantly checking to see if anything is slowly creeping along beside them.

Aaron B (gb) wrote: A feel good dramedy paced by an unexpectedly strong performance by the lead. Solid story line and good pacing, but the character development from beginning to end combined with the on screen chemistry of the rag tag gang almost takes it to top notch category.