A European man sets up a business in Korea to deal in snuff films. The police quickly catch on to his dealings and attempt to hunt him down.

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Jannik G (fr) wrote: Wow, I never knew this happened. It really makes you angry to see how the state church suppresses the Sami people and they can't do that much about it. It's a very well made movie.

Will L (de) wrote: An unexpectedly hilarious movie where Van Damme get's his ass kicked, then somehow spins that into getting in a threesome. Then, he proceeds to kick everyone's asses. What's not to like? Danny Trejo even plays a good guy for like the first time in my experiences.

Johnny L (gb) wrote: Yay Pokemon. Not for the faint of heart.

Paul F (ca) wrote: I like films about psychos; psycho babysitters, psycho nannies, psycho flatemates, psycho cops, the list is endless; 90s films were full of them. So here we have one with a psycho surgeon, with far more money than he probably deserves, the backbone of a soft toy (and we're not talking Superted here), horrible hair and a huge crush on the world's biggest, cock-teasing bitch. We also have the Number One, very worst, cop-out ending that's possible in a film. Still, despite the latter it's all very watchable; and I guess if you're going to have a psychotic man-crush on someone you could do a lot worse than have it over Sherilyn Fenn, who does look rather lovely. It's also got Kurtwood Smith in it, playing the part of a doctor. Sorry, but he's always going to be Clarence Boddicker to me, the baddie from "Robocop". I was just waiting for him to pull out some massive gun and blow everyone away.No cats and no decapitations. Top badass moment: Given that the main male character is probably in the Top 10 Wusses of All Time, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go with Helena's bitchy behaviour towards the good doctor at the party, where she paddles in the fountain (in that way only sexy women in movies can) and then goes off with his friend, right in front of him. Crushing someone's ego entirely is baddass, (even though it's really, really mean too). 6 out of 10.

James B (es) wrote: NWA mockumentary/... it was just ok... not great but just ok

Katherine L (it) wrote: We found The Challenger to be a beautifully sensitive film - very engaging with a wonderful message about love and perseverance.

Eric B (au) wrote: This adaptation completely warps Golding's original story, changing a spectacular book into a less-than-stellar movie with its corny dialogue and idiotic plot

John R (de) wrote: 170420: A surprisingly good film. I never know what to expect from these oldies but this one really satisfied. Good classic acting, decent quality and somewhat fun. Perhaps a bit predictable but happy to have seen it.

dan b (de) wrote: Alot like The Faculty which came out the same year this movie manages to rip off both The Stepford Wives and The Breakfast Club.

Mitchell B (fr) wrote: While it had some funny parts this movie wasn't that great

Spencer H (jp) wrote: Brilliant, romantic, dramatic, and all out incredible, Atonement is a movie that deserves all the praise. I has an amazing score, amazing performances and great cinematography, watch this movie.