A modern day story of an innocent boy (Ravi) of Royal lineage who is sent to Hong Kong by his Father's conniving manager, Kailash Choudhary (K.C.) to train in the Martial Arts--the boy's passion. K.C. eliminates the boy's father and usurps his properties. Ravi is set up by K.C. who plants drugs in his baggage. As a result, Ravi is arrested and spends the next 12 years of his life in a Hong Kong prison where he is thrown into a cell with a Wing Tsun Kung Fu Grandmaster (Sifu).

A modern day story of an innocent boy (Ravi) of Royal lineage who is sent to Hong Kong by his Father's conniving manager (Kailash Choudhary-K.C.) to train in the Martial Arts--the boy's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (au) wrote: A well acted drama with Ben Wishaw. A tale of a man who loses his partner and tries to build a relationship with his mother who is very difficult. Wonderful

Desmond P (mx) wrote: Anything with Seth Rogen is 5 star

Angus M (it) wrote: Awesome just awesome but dont bother if you cant stomach this stuff read up on it

Max M (de) wrote: Walked out of this and have seen much fewer Will Farrell movies as a result.

Fong K (br) wrote: Glittering with psychedelic verve and hypnotic magnetism, Todd Haynes' inspired biography of David Bowie is really a bittersweet reminiscence of glam rock from a bygone era and its onstage legends.

Miguel R (de) wrote: Last of the Dogmen is a surprisingly great movie that you probably never heard of, yet it's worth a look

Fabien D (fr) wrote: Chouette production George Pal fleurant bon la SF des 50's !L'histoire est prenante (bien qu'un peu naive...) et l'ensemble est bien rythme, malgres quelques ressorts scenaristiques dont on se moque un peu. Toutefois, le metrage reste divertissant, propose des sfx de qualite (dommage que la maquette du final n'ai pu etre construite, la fin fait vraiment cheap) et de bonnes idees !

George R (ag) wrote: Excellent use of the LA sewer system as an escape tunnel. The two stars who survived time were Richard Basehart and Jack Webb. Dragnet fans will recognize the best quote from the beginning of the movie: "Only the names have been changed -- to protect the innocent."

Joy H (es) wrote: Always love this team and their movies.

Monny M (au) wrote: Finished watching this this with W. Pretty good for a drama.

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