'Master Harold' ... And the Boys

'Master Harold' ... And the Boys

This movie is of Hally, an adolescent white South African. He is stuck between his intolerant father's outlook of him and those of his caretaker, Sam. Sam is a black waiter and Hally's friend and teacher. Hally is required to laugh at his father's racist jokes, by contrast, Sam exposes Hally to uplifting experiences. One day Hally was terribly humiliated by his father and Sam shows Hally how to be proud of something he can achieve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Palu K (es) wrote: Meh, I struggled through this. All I can say is: dumb.

Terminator T (au) wrote: Megatron was weak in this one I hope he is strong as first one in the last knight

Tom R (mx) wrote: An excellent movie that we use to teach 8th graders about reverence. I don't think anyone with any connection to the military will make it through the film without being in tears at least once.

Ben T (mx) wrote: Decent enough animated feature that has some good voice performances and good animation, but also what could have been a good story was not and was I supposed to laugh?

AJ B (br) wrote: lol ass ass and more ass.. more tinto brass plz

LouisSbastien H (mx) wrote: Great documentary about Hugo Chavez and his non-violent revolution.

Pedro Matias C (es) wrote: En 1995, Poison IVY, sorprendio en Sundance ganando el premio mayor, 3 anios despues a alguien se le ocurrio hacer una secuela, fue a buscar a la Ex Whos the boss Alyssa Milano (Largamente desaparecida x ese entonces), e intento shockear al publico con ellas como lo habia hecho Drew Barrymore 3 anios atras. El resultado es nefasto, intentar hacer una secuela de algo que no admite ningun tipo de secuela. Pero eso si Alyssa esta barbara y justifica largamante la pelicula

Sam G (gb) wrote: I wanted to give this no stars, but unfortunately a star rating is needed, but ignore the half a star because this gets no stars.A bland, boring film, which the worst type of film. A film with a shoestring budget, but with delusions of grandeur, or spent on Oliver Reed's alcohol consumption...The source material isn't that good in the first place, but this had the potential to be a good bad film, a laugh a minute film, but it isn't. The main character Tarl is the definition of a characterless vacuum and the rest of the cast are somehow worse.There is one very good scene at the end which provided the biggest (only) laugh of the film, but that is it.

Stephen C (kr) wrote: Largely boring film of an interesting subject most notably the murder of Lord Errol by persons unknown in 1941.The problem is despite Roger Deakins crisp camerawork and two good supporting performances from Trevor Howard and John Hurt, the two leads don't have any sexual chemistry and its hard to care about the lives of posh people at the fag end of Empire.The 80s were a tough time for British films and this shows why, pretty much all the characters in the film apart from Hurt have no redeeming features which means its hard to empathise with any body living in such decadenceGreta Scacchi takes her clothes off at the drop of a hat but her part gives her little to do but look beautiful.Sarah Miles eats tons of scenery and Charles Dance looks bored.Howard is good fun as the lecherous old rogue and Hurt is always a pleasure to watch even when he is in stuff like this.If you like period costume dramas you may find something of interest.Personally I found the whole thing a bit of a slog.

Rex P (us) wrote: this lacks the binding psychological character of his best work. hulot is there, but only just. even he has been reduced to a facet of the urban landscape. in this film humanity only seems to exist in its failure to equal the demands of its own creations. a valid point. but a very dull movie. sadly the film takes on the nature of the problem it depicts.viewing advice: watch on the largest screen you can find. and take a break every 5/10 minutes. it is that tedious.

mike a (mx) wrote: I understand why the critics are scoring this much higher than the community. It is a great film with some strong performances. A little short on laughs to be called a comedy though. It may not have the slick special effects or gung ho action sequences of many of the modern films but it remains a gentle sunday afternoon diversion

Zoran S (us) wrote: Sublime, formally inventive comedy from the great Frank Tashlin. What's not to love about a movie that has a Grucho Marx cameo?

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - 9/11/2008)