Trapped in a Elite School which a gang of criminals has seized control, a young troublemaker fights a cat and mouse battle from inside.

Trapped in a school which a gang of criminals has siezed control, a young troublemaker fights a cat and mouse battle from inside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kandis A (es) wrote: I love true stories depicted in film. Can't argue with facts and the story was really good!!!

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Some Benidorm Bastards gonna resque there grandsons in Afghanistan or something , i think the point of this movie was ...let's get over The Expendables with 20 years ! That'll be fun ....It wasn't a lot fun , Drama no , light Adventure yes ....good for my granny to watch !

Josh A (gb) wrote: What could be an insane and potentially hilarious concept is obviously ruined in the hands of the worst writer/director in history. The entire film fails massively, as expected, as Uwe Boll has absolutely no concept of what good comedy entails. What we have here is a 1.5 hour cavalcade of fat jokes, lame sound effects, and star wipes. It's only fitting that Boll himself plays Hitler in the movie....

Mark K (ag) wrote: Awesome! The headshots and blood effects are cool, and the narrative allows you to make decisions on your own! So fun!

Liliana G (fr) wrote: La primera esta mejor!!

Nat H (de) wrote: Wow! Monsieur Rappeneau revived Giono's historical fresca with flair and rare talent! Lavish adaptation with such a brilliant cast. ...Familiar places revisited, including this good old Fontaine des quatre Dauphins :-)

TIFFANI G (br) wrote: this movie isn't all that but i like it a lil

Candy R (fr) wrote: War time movie about a boy and his family during the London blitz. The Germans bomb London during the World War II, families homes are destroyed, neighbours die and people are displaced. Even with the war around them, they find time for family, fun and celebrations.

Brett B (kr) wrote: A deeply challenging and provocative film, THE RAPTURE isn't really successful as a complete movie, but I give it credit for what it's trying to do. The film is basically a platform for some heady theological discussion/debate, and on that level it works quite well. There is some really intelligent writing in here, and the conflicts that rise up as a consequence of the characters' beliefs (or non-beliefs) are quite compelling. As the lead - a hugely flawed character, to say the very least - Mimi Rogers is excellent; it's a complex performance, and she gets to play all kinds of moods and emotions as her character goes from non-believer to believer (and then seemingly back-and-forth). The movie's big negative (and it is a big one) is that it utilizes a dramatic structure that feels very strange; though this helps give the movie an off-kilter kind of vibe, it doesn't make for the most satisfying of experiences - this is sort of embodied by the ending, which makes literal some ideas that might have been better left up to audience interpretation.

Jim S (jp) wrote: This was a pretty decent noir-esque thriller.

James B (nl) wrote: It's kind of the same thing over and over again. There are definitely better Jon Heder, and Will Ferrell comedies out there. You can skip this one.