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Greg W (fr) wrote: nice to look at but slow and plodding doesnt really go anywhere

Craig L (fr) wrote: Well-done, no big surprises, but entertaining.

David Y (gb) wrote: quiet but potent. poignant and strong. overwhelming beauty. i love so yong kim and koreans.

Shitanshu V (au) wrote: it's not worth of watching this movie and its remake of Serendipity which is much better movie

Nathan N (ca) wrote: One of the most hilariously awful movies I have ever seen.

Mark M (ca) wrote: A play then a film. It's theatrical sounds and rhythms create distance from the horror. Otherwise, it might not be watchable. But of course this should be mandatory viewing, especially when the Holocaust has been so reduced lately, so lightened by such films as the recent German TV series, Generation War. And as ready as one might be to give up on it, it's worth staying through to the end, if only to hear the last monologue.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First viewing - Spring 2001)

Anthony V (jp) wrote: Fans of both Wim Wenders and Film Noir will not to miss this one.

Lenard K (it) wrote: Parisian teenage prostitute tries to kill her parents. Hard to really care about any of the characters, but that in itself creates a certain bleakness; still, I wish Varda had made this movie instead of Chabrol.

Marc R (ca) wrote: Perhaps Roeg's best film. A rich and mysterious meditation on communication, as well as the social barriers that divide and entrap them.

Martina A (fr) wrote: I really like this film... It's real and pessimistic but every story is greatly linked to the other!

Celeste H (jp) wrote: It was cool...and weird...

Ian L (kr) wrote: love this frakn movie lol

Robert S (br) wrote: A movie about love, can it survive? After a plague hits, we're all tested & love is put to the test as well, I love the cast the directors is solid. A good movie.

Chrisanne S (jp) wrote: Not quite as good as the first spoof-- but the spitfire Suzanne Pleshette livens things up plenty. Still fun!

Lexie1912 (ag) wrote: another one of my "closet classics"

PY C (us) wrote: Way too dirty dancing for me. Unfortunately not interesting enough to keep me going.