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Matadouro torrent reviews

Jesse G (au) wrote: I rarely want to walk out of a movie, but I was *really* fighting the urge with this one. If you need to believe what's happening on the screen in order to enjoy a movie, skip this one. I'm shocked that, as I'm writing this, it has 80% on RT, based on 5 critic reviews. Oddly, RT says the AV Club review is fresh, but if you actually read the review, you'll assume, as I did, that the B+ rating was a typo.

Skyler B (kr) wrote: "Will she throw away her Ivy League dreams in favor of those frilly dresses?" The answer will shock you. Not because of the answer itself, but because I KNOW the answer. Because I saw this movie...

OH O (au) wrote: Actually pretty decent. "Superman Returns" features enough highlights for me to consider it pretty good. I mean it's not great or anything but it's still pretty enjoyable.6/10 - Good

Randy T (it) wrote: having an affair with your mother's lesbian lover and getting her pregnant...interesting.

Riccardo R (br) wrote: Questo film ha un po' deluso le mie aspettative e raggiunge a stento la sufficienza. Nonostante la trama sia interessante e alcune sequenze siano davvero suggestive, il susseguirsi degli eventi piuttosto caotico e le vicissitudini degli astronauti sono spesso troppo inverosimili ed inspiegabili. Peccato.La cosa che mi piaciuta di pi, sono i colori di questo film: il grandioso e sfavillante bagliore del Sole in contrasto con il buio e freddo spazio, e a separare queste due situazioni c' lo scudo termico della astronave. Ottima trovata.

Jeremie D (ag) wrote: Quand Stephen Chow parodie James Bond... un bon 007 avec un Hachoir, mort de rire :-)

Michael H (it) wrote: Thanks to casting that is savvier than the horror norm, and to direction by John Harrison that is workmanlike and sometimes even witty, at least it's fun.

Thomas S (ca) wrote: Once I sat down and watched the film, I thought it was very interesting. But, the film turned out to be racist garbage, and now I have no sympathy for it anymore.

Eskil B (br) wrote: I'm truly surprised...