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Matar al Nani

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Akintunde I (ru) wrote: It's watchable, nothing spectacular but some touching moments

Kyle M (mx) wrote: A worthy tale for families' viewing pleasure. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

oMy Lucky Staro (ag) wrote: hehe omg kwan sang woo is so hot...........

Richard L (us) wrote: This movie is presented as the sequel to Lewis' 1963 movie, but it is more a rehash than a true follow-up story because it's close to the original. I can hardly believe that Lewis made this movie seriously. If it is the case, then I have bad news : his directing didn't change (improve) at all in 40 years. This movie has to be one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen, and it doesn't have the historical significance nor the cult following that a few ancient movies (some made by Lewis himself !) enjoy. There is nothing in this movie that he didn't already do in an earlier work, so it's not even ironically funny. The storyline makes no sense, the sound is at times clearly overdubbed, the editing is harsh, pointless nudity is all over the place, gory special effects fall somewhere between laughable and unsettling, the characters are all incredibly dumb, and everybody except Fuad and the fat cop are played by talentless wrecks of actors overdoing everything erratically. And the other detective had way too much make-up.

Jon T (it) wrote: Stories about the triumph of the underdog done wrong may strike viewers hopelessly predictable and lacking in emotional resonance, but luckily, BILLY ELLIOT is an example of such a tale treated in the proper manner. Set during the coal miners' strike in Nothern England in 1984, the title character is an eleven year old boy who becomes interested in taking dancing classes with Mrs. Wilkinson's (Julie Waters) ballet, trading his boxing gloves to do so. His father (Gary Lewis), a coal miner on strike, is furious when he finds out and tries to stop his son out of fear of being perceived as a "poof." It would be very tempting to make the characters of this tale as clear cut and mono dimensional, but BILLY ELLIOT, thankfully, steers around that pitfall. The performers, including a then unknown Jamie Bell, who exudes raw talent in dancing and passion, Lewis, and Walters, all do an excellent job of embuing their roles with very real, fragile people with problems. Billy Elliot himself, incidentally, isn't always likable (at one point he attacks another kid his age out of frustration), and yet we root for him because his unbridled passion is so hard to deny. Aside from being a great character study, BILLY ELLIOT excels in other areas: the choreography is top-notch and really brings a lot of "electricity" to the picture, and the film succeeds in being genuinely emotional without feeling manipulative. BILLY ELLIOT proved popular enough to spawn a similarly successful musical, and for good reason. This is a truly inspirational and heart tugging film that I highly recommend, although it should be noted that there are some violent, disturbing scenes involving tempers, police attacks, and a heavy overload of profanity.

Stan D (br) wrote: The President has a stroke that leaves him near death, and the corrupt chief of staff wants to take over, instead of ceding authority to the "boy scout" VP. So he hires an actor who looks like the President, and plays the President in comedic appearances. Kevin Kline is the look alike (Dave), Sigourney Weaver is the President's wife, and Frank Langella is the chief of staff. This is a heartwarming, inspirational story about a man who tries to do what's right, and a wonderful romantic story about his growing love for the President's wife.

Andrew G (gb) wrote: Straightforward, high-octane '90s action. It's Die Hard on a Boat; one of Seagal's best.

Matt T (nl) wrote: Gun related massacres are inevitable in a nation where any idiot can mail order as many assault rifles as s/he can afford and where the fast majority of the population seriously believes that the universe is just a few thousand years old and that humanity and everything else was created by a bearded man in the sky.