Maternity Blues

Maternity Blues

Four different women, but bound by a common guilt: the infanticide. Inside a judicial psychiatric hospital, they spend their time expiating a sentence which is mainly inner: the sense of guilt for a gesture what has made useless their existence. From the forced living together, new friendly relationship born and everyone can read the guilty inside the other. From the confessions, born a comfort that doesn’t completely succeed to alleviate the suffering, but that makes appear

In a moment of madness Clara has killed her baby. Found not bearing liability for her acts by the court, she is sent to a carceral psychiatric hospital. There, she shares a room with young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (nl) wrote: Never Trust A Skeleton With A Shotgun.. Or Anyone Who Says This Is A Good Film!

Robert G (es) wrote: It could have been done better, but it still brought a perfect combination of drama and well written comedy.

chris s (es) wrote: this was a way better ed gein movie...they used an old guy and it was just the best one i've seen yet

Mary S (au) wrote: really good but be ready to cry!!

Guido S (mx) wrote: David Duchovny is a serial killer writer and decides to go cross county with one of the country's serial killers. Sounds like a great idea, but it was just dull and uninteresting especially given the great cast. Pitt is good, but this is utimately boring and predictable

Becs D (br) wrote: One of my favourite re-watchable films, whilst you can't quite get some of the first time watching thrill back, this truly is a classic Serial Killer tale, with probably one of Spacey's best performances. This one comes out at least once a year.

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Mark C (ag) wrote: ok sequal to 54 godzilla

Joshua L (nl) wrote: Another hare-brained plot from Ed Wood, and plenty more examples of film-making at its worst.

Luc L (de) wrote: A good film which follows a gang of skinheads. Russell Crowe was good in this.

Godwin G (ca) wrote: This film is too dangerously easy to be labelled as cliche-ridden. But you know, at least it's cliche-ridden fun.

Logan M (ag) wrote: It starts out slow, and only gets slower, but Colin Firth brings his best to the leading role.