Filmed in the coal country of West Virginia, "Matewan" celebrates labor organizing in the context of a 1920s work stoppage. Union organizer, Joe Kenehan, a scab named "Few Clothes" Johnson and a sympathetic mayor and police chief heroically fight the power represented by a coal company and Matewan's vested interests so that justice and workers' rights need not take a back seat to squalid working conditions, exploitation and the bottom line.

A labor union organizer comes to an embattled mining community brutally and violently dominated and harassed by the mining company. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica P (de) wrote: Great murder mystery. Loved the beauty and drama if that era. Could be confusing at times if you dont watch carefully.

Wes S (br) wrote: Super Shark has a lot going for it. Crazy plot, bikini contests, Syfy regular John Schneider, and a giant walking flying shark. Plus, there's a fight between the shark and a walking tank. Supershark is surely so bad-its good territory, but even then it's not without its slow moments and weak characters.

Stamatia S (gb) wrote: Starts of good but gets boring fast.

Noah R (au) wrote: Greenaway tries to reach the mainstream and fails, mainly because he clearly doesn't care about Rembrandt's love life so why should we? One of his worst screenplays is partially saved by Martin Freeman's fantastic performance as Rembrandt. See his next film, Rembrandt's J'Accuse, instead.

Samantha S (jp) wrote: if Britney Spears is in it, it must be BAD

Elliott C (kr) wrote: This film was so bad it was absolutely brilliant, so cheesy and poor was a classic.

Cristina P (nl) wrote: A simple story about a poor young man in Goa, his friend and his new interest for a swimming pool. During the day he works in a hotel to support his family in the country, and dreams about learning who to read. Then he discovers a mysterious family staying in an upper class vacation house with a pool.In time, he earns their trust and his innocence and dedication to work, allow him to receive beautiful compensations from his old and new friends.The story is told with a documentary tone, and touches the unavoidable drama of poverty and lack of opportunities, but somehow the humanism and lyricism surpasses the impact of the negative.The characters are played by non actors providing a realism rarely seen.

Ronnie A (au) wrote: Don't miss this well acted thriller about home grown terror cells. I believe this was an HBO films production and it is a first class film all the way . It will have you thinking , really how well do we know our neighbors. I own the disc but still watch it off it comes on t.v. Great surprise ending!!

Nathalie V (nl) wrote: Movie takes off rather slowly, then evolves into a strong emotional and substantial plot. A lot of Scottish dialect - don't forget the subtitles!

Michael J (us) wrote: Still five stars. Holds up!

Clanoftorturershotmailcom C (us) wrote: I will NOT see a Movie that has this Commie, Traitor, BITCH in it.They don't have a LOW enough rating for her.She can rot in the Hanoi Hilton, for what she did to Our troops during Vietnam.BURN BITCH, BURN

Jenna I (it) wrote: I loved the hard edge on this film, definitely not a friendly film. A good ol' "fuck you" to corporations, politics and small town America.

Robert F (de) wrote: It's like an American take on Jules and Jim.

Ali O (mx) wrote: Don't read the ratings above, I can guarantee that at least 10% did not watch this film. It stars Eminem who plays a troubled teenager trying to make something of himself. Even if you're not into the whole rap scene, I would most definately recommend this film to any one.Contrary to popular belief, this DOES NOT tell Eminem's story, but there is a lot of parallel to Eminem's "rise to fame."

Logan C (mx) wrote: My advice to anyone new to the Saw franchise: Ignore the gore (even though I personally love it), and focus on the story that the movies tell! The story is excellent! Way better than you'd think, trust me.

Dolby M (nl) wrote: The best of the first four Underworld movies - great action and awesome brutalist buildings abound.