A showman introduces a small coastal town to a unique movie experience and capitalises on the Cuban Missile crisis hysteria with a kitschy horror extravaganza combining film effects, stage props and actors in rubber suits in this salute to the B-movie.

A small-time film promoter releases a kitschy horror film during the Cuban Missile Crisis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott D (ca) wrote: Will have to dig out the books and escape again

Brody M (fr) wrote: I really expected a documentary about a guy who worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks to be interesting but it was BORING.I don't know if it was the guy doing the jobs or the documentary itself but I lost interest after watching about 10 minutes

Scott C (es) wrote: No 'Shaun of the Dead', but still fun and cute. Honor Blackman and Alan Ford are hilarious.

Miteal C (de) wrote: The Beast Stalker would have ended a pretty mundane cop-chases-criminal flick, had it not been for some inventive action pieces, a well rounded antagonist, and Dante Lam's almost ruthless direction.

Maxwell J (it) wrote: guilty pleasure. i don't care how bad this movie might actually be, i still this it's absolutely hysterical

Dorian M (au) wrote: Muestra la diferencia de clases y nos ensea que nos la dejemos montar de ningun hijueputa

Rick M (ru) wrote: Richard Pryor is playing three different roles here. The first being a poor orange picker named Leroy Jones who gets laid off when by mistake he joins the worker's union during one of their demonstrations. Afterwards he is forced to leave his wife and family behind which also includes Leroy's father (also played by Pryor) to go to Los Angeles. Leroy ends up working for the same company that fired him back home. He is a manager at the company but he is now distant from his former pals. He meets and falls in love with Vanetta who is a labor organizer which leaves him splitting time between his wife Annie Mae and Vanetta. When Leroy finds out that the Reverend Lenox Thomas (also played by Pryor) has got his wife pregnant while he was absent, he then make the moves on the reverend's wife.

Tim S (nl) wrote: Absolute a degree. This movie is a lot smarter than it seems. It's full of over-the-top dated 60's music and a barely coherent plot, but it's full of enough charm and star power to make it a classic.

Sofia S (de) wrote: please i need to see it

John L (jp) wrote: Yo, am i the only one who doesn't think this movie is Scary at all?! And it totally rips off other horror movies like Scream and shit like that.

Norm d (br) wrote: The best of the 3, IMO - stunts that have a basis in reality, unlike the others, & a nice Beemer. A Statham classic.