Fred lives on his own. His wife is dead, his son has left. He leans on the church, busses, meat-and-two-veg. Then Leo appears. Leo is a tramp. Fred lets Leo move in with him. An absurdist feature debut with a laugh and a tear in stuffy Netherlands.

Devout Calvinist widower Fred leads a respectable, utterly boring life since he evicted his only son. Suddenly arrives Theo, a mentally impaired adult, mental age about five. Fred starts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Matterhorn torrent reviews

Mira Mohd S (nl) wrote: Has a striking resemblance to Dabangg & Singham...not to mention the same villain!!..but Sanjay Dutt's powerful "dailoguebaazi" along with Prakash Raj ( who playes a similar role in Wanted, Buddha Hoga Tera Baap, Singham, Dabanng 2 & the upcoming Zanjeer) really entertaining..the awkward romantic angle with 22 yr old Prachi Desai seemed it if you are a Sanjay Dutt fan!!

Osian J (us) wrote: a lot better than expected.

Alon G (fr) wrote: Wow Maryl Streep is amazing. Julia Robert's too. This film makes you feel so amazingly uncomfortable, it really makes you feel like you're part of this dysfunctional family.

First L (jp) wrote: Pitifully slow, boring and mindless all to go nowhere. Wish I had my time back. Not advisable even if you have half a wit.

James (au) wrote: teenagers go down a mine, play with a ouija board & old evil ghost posses them & kills them - but kill the possessed person - the ghost escapes & possesses another! very slow for the 1st 45mins, but then its good - some nice effects too & the mine settings interesting.

Jeremy R (jp) wrote: A fun little mockumentary. Definitely amusing for fans of Herzog, anyone with knowledge of the industry, or Nessie lovers. Zak Penn's caricature of himself in the film is a little to stereotypical to be believable. This film had a lot of great ideas that don't seem like they were executed to their fullest potential, but an entertaining film nonetheless.

Megan T (fr) wrote: hahaha...nick nolte...good one

Private U (us) wrote: I liked this one a lot.

Johnny S (ca) wrote: rapper group fat boys of the funniest movie and the starring as the funniest & clumsy orderlies with rich old man(ralph bellamy of "trading place", "rosemary's baby", & etc). wow i see with the fat boys is doing like "three stooges" version and that laugh. good end credit with the fat boys doing.

Kalle R (ag) wrote: The 70s: drugs, disco, and lesbian horror. 'Morgane et ses nymphes' is one of the better of the latter -- atmospheric and sensual, if a bit slow. There's a lot of skin on display, and lots of, fairly tame, lesbian sex. Like the best lez horror films, 'Morgane' relies more on a dreamlike mise-en-scne than on cheap thrills, and is better for it. The acting is highly variable, but Alfred Baillou plays the dwarf Gurth with great pathos and Dominique Delpierre is commanding as Morgane.Endings often disappoint me in lez horror, but 'Morgane' gets it right. Definitely watchable.

Willie J (ag) wrote: "Woman of the Year" is predictable and repetitive at many times, but it has its funny moments. There are no surprises, and the jokes fall flat quite a bit, but there are times of humor. The only thing that really keeps this movie from being mediocre are the leads, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Their chemistry is hard to dislike, and they are the centers of our attention.

I dont know w (es) wrote: Said to be the best propaganda film ever.

Spencer S (ca) wrote: Spicey for the Depression era 30's, this gorgeously made musical is like none other ever performed. Use of forward thinking cinematography, an uncensored storyline, and musical numbers that inspire choreographers to this day, made this a very unique musical among the stereotyped genre. An amazing performance by the docile and demure Ruby Keeler, whose singing is so-so, but dancing is off the charts amazing. A web of romantic entanglements and decidely backwards Broadway politics leads to comedy. love, and pure entertainment.

Scott J (br) wrote: makes absolutely no sense at the end of the movie i wasnt sure if i forgot how to speak english or if i had a stroke halfway through i honestly do not know how to describe this movie i guess pattinson has long winded philosophical conversations and occasionally a brutal death occurs to what i assume is a main character or he has sex with someone in his limo or talks about having sex in his limo if i had to take a shot every time i was lost watching this film i would be long dead before i finished it just dont watch this

Jerry Jenae S (mx) wrote: haunting, beautiful, and complex