After his lover rejects him, a young man trapped by the oppressiveness of Edwardian society tries to come to terms with and accept his sexuality.

After his lover rejects him, a young man trapped by the oppressiveness of Edwardian society tries to come to terms with and accept his sexuality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Racheli M (ag) wrote: I just simply loved it.

Ruben A (mx) wrote: I've read a bunch of positive reviews on this garbage. whats to like? its badly made. far too bloody. and has some of the most stupidest deaths I've ever seen in my life. especially the nail in the head scene. just wow. very unrealistic. might as well tell you, hes about to nail her head and shes being loud. her friends appear upstairs. he puts his finger on her lips saying to shhh. and you know what the bitch stays quiet! i would be screaming like theres no tomorrow! even if i were to die I'd at least be able to save my friends! but no the bitch stays quiet. even as hes getting prepared to kill her shes still quiet. fuck this movie! and fuck everyone who had to do with it! and the ending. just fuck me for wasting time on this. sure gore hounds will appreciate the blood but even they shouldnt waste their time.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: A decent piece of filmmaking backed by a ever present feeling of despair.

Gabriel K (us) wrote: This Italian comedy-drama is quite hilarious at times. While it may seem as a coming of age story, it has serious undertones and social commentary on Italy's politics and society in general. It's quite entertaining, but overall it's on a light side and easily forgettable.

Ronnie P (jp) wrote: A dude crushes a piece of crap with his hand!

alice k (au) wrote: Is it better to observe life and be a safe bystander, or to live life and risk being push out of your comfort zone? The movie Wings of Desire is set in and filmed in Berlin, Germany. The director is Wim Wenders and the writers are Peter Handke and Wim Wenders. The genre is a romantic fantasy and was filmed in 1987. This movie was not based on a book. The storyline is about angels watching and studying the people in Berlin and listening to their thoughts. The story mostly focuses on two angels named Damiel, actor Bruno Ganz, and Cassiel, actor Otto Sander. These angels are not your stereotypical angels; they appear to look just as normal men. No one can see them except for children, and some people can feel their presence. They travel all around and observe the people and comfort those who need comforting, though they are not all successful. The story focuses on an old man who just wants to be heard and valued by the younger generation, a woman involved in a failing circus due to lack of money, and several other groups of people. The angel, Damiel, is drawn to a trapeze artist with some dark thoughts and eventually falls in love with this character named Marion, actress Solveig Dommartin. His love for her brings him to give up his immortality to be a human and experience all things for himself. Damiel eventually find Marion, who remembers him from a dream, and they automatically stay together. In the end, the movie reveals there is a sequel and leaves you with many questions and some strong thoughts on how to view your own life. I give Wings of Desire three and a half stars out of five because the movie is like no other movie, it captured my attention, and gave me a positive feeling on life, but the movie does tend to confuse the audience at times and jumps around a bit. In my opinion, the plot of this story was very slow. Though it was interesting and made me curious, there is plenty of unnecessary scenes that were off topic from the main story of the movie that had my completely lost. The movie was quite choppy and jumped around. The cinematography is unusual from the average movies today. Parts of the movie were shot in black and white and other parts were in color; this was unclear to me till later that when the scene was in black and white, this was in the angels point of view, but when the scene was color, this was in a humans point of view. I found this to be an interesting idea of filming, but was confusing for a bit. The use of different languages is through the movie; the main language is German, but other languages are used randomly throughout the movie. Most of the narration is the thoughts that the angels hear or the angels' own thoughts, there are several scenes of people communicating with each other though. The script flows nicely throughout the movie and includes several quotes with strong meanings. Wings of Desire takes your full concentration to understand what is happening throughout the movie. Many quotes and scenes are used to make the audience feel and think a certain way. The angels are meant to represent the audience because they are observing the scene of the world; all they can do is watch. As a human there is color and when Damiel becomes human he gets to experience the world for himself. He learns about taste, smells, and what thinks feel like. He experiences the freedom to live. I believe the message Wim Wenders wants the audience to understand is to appreciate life and see the beauty in the world because you have the option to not only observe life, but to live life as well. Damiel decides to give up the safety and immorality of being an angel to experience what it means to be human and take chances. -Alice Kerl

Mark A (jp) wrote: A truly fascinating character study

Matt M (it) wrote: Chaplin is a swindling debonair in this early short. This short is of some interest as it stands as a Chaplin film before his notorious tramp character's apparition. Nevertheless, it's annoyingly fast and lacking in much originality.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: This was actually my sister's idea to watch this because she wanted to see Steve Carell act crazy again, a that has always been the most funniest part in the movie that she remember. So I watched it for review reasons and I really enjoyed it. Jim Carrey is hilarious as usual and does what he can to entertain the viewers and make us laugh. The movie also creates some laughs that's not from Carrey which I'm glad that it's trying to be funny itself. The plot however, is predictable and you know what the moral of the story is very quickly. Morgan Freeman is great as God, and Steve Carell is just as hilarious as Jim Carrey but I wish there was more of him though while still focusing on Bruce. Consider that it's a bit related to religious stuff, the jokes could've been so offensive and I'm glad that it didn't make fun of religion. For Jim Carrey fans, Bruce Almighty will entertain you as much as his other movies. Those who are not, it's the same type of comedy that he has done and will probably get you very annoyed.

Cary R (gb) wrote: A mildly entertaining thriller shot very Brian DePalma-esque. The plot is ludicrous and ultimately that's the movie's undoing. If you're willing to sacrifice the believability factor then perhaps you will enjoy the cinematography, which is well done, even if it does owe it's style to films made by the aforementioned DePalma.

Richard W (jp) wrote: A goofy British crime comedy in the same vein as old Peter Sellers films.

Conan Patrick T (us) wrote: The original Japanese film was better. This had an American character (who is actually Canadian) added and the one providing lots of narration. A decent remake.