While studying for his medical exams in Darjeeling, India, Amarnath Gill sprains his leg and seeks treatment from the local healer, Harihar Thapa. Amarnath is attracted to his daughter, Chanda, and both get intimate. Amarnath promises to return, but never does. About 25 years later, Amarnath returns to Darjeeling, driving an expensive Mercedes, hoping to relax. He casually makes inquiries about Chanda and her father, and finds out that Harihar passed away long ago; Chanda got pregnant and was hastily married to a aged and invalid man, gave birth to a baby girl, subsequently became insane, and died. He also finds out that Chanda sent her daughter, Kajli, away to another town to study and become a doctor. Amarnath is shocked and full of guilt at the injustice and anguish he has caused Chanda and her family. Then he gets to meet Kajli, who is not studying medicine - but earning her living in a brothel - as a foul-mouthed prostitute.

While studying for his medical exams in Darjeeling, India, Amarnath Gill sprains his leg and seeks treatment from the local healer, Harihar Thapa. Amarnath is attracted to his daughter, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mausam torrent reviews

James N (ag) wrote: very good born movie

Taija H (kr) wrote: Tm tuli eilen katsottua telkkarista. Edellisest katselukerrasta ei ollut jnyt mitn mieleen (eik ihme!), mutta vanha arvostelu (alla) ptee suurin piirtein vielkin. Ei kovin vakavasti otettava leffa, mutta ihan viihdyttv. Yritti noudattaa kunnon agenttitarinan kaavaa, mm. ympri maailmaa matkusteltiin (ilman mitn jrkev syyt). Sevillaa oli mukava katsella nin lhiaikoina siell kyneen.Vanha:Ihan kiva leffa, mutta odotin viel enemmn vauhtia ja ksni, nyt oli aika paljon seesteisi jaarituskohtauksia, varsinkin alku oli aika hidas. Ja koko ajan odotti jonkinlaista juonen knnekohtaa, mutta leffa olikin alusta loppuun sit samaa. Ihan hauskojan tllaiset leffat ovat joissa kaikki mahdollinen ja mahdoton onnistuu aivan smoothisti ja ymprill koko ajan tapahtuu ja rjhtelee. Phenkilt olivat vhn hassuja, mutta valitettavasti vaikuttivat hieman kulahtaneilta menneiden vuosikymmenten sankareilta eik Cruisesta ole koomikoksi. Tosin Cruise ja moottoripyr tuntuvat aina sopivan hyvin yhteen ja Cruisen hahmon stressinsietokyky oli kyll harvinaisen ihailtavaa! Hauskinta antia oli ehk tainnutuskohtaukset joissa tainnutettu nki vilahduksia tapahtumista joiden pyrteissoli - aika uskomattomia :D

Rebecca A (mx) wrote: I actually enjoyed the first story (the possession), but I don't believe that it has any place in the B5 universe. The second story is just a rehashed theme from the show, done up with considerably less plot, although I enjoyed Galen's and Sheridan's interactions. Overall, this just fails to add anything whatsoever to a series which was already neatly tied up some years ago.

Soni K (us) wrote: This was a beautiful and touching movie of the love of poet John keats and Fanny Brawne. Bittersweet in that John died so young and Fanny never gave up her love for him even after his death. Beautiful scenery was poetic in and of itself.

Buddy A (ru) wrote: It sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked.

Kara F (ag) wrote: I've only seen a piece of this movie! I would like 2 see it!

James W (fr) wrote: I finally saw ZOOLANDER. It only came out fifteen years ago. It is surprisingly one of filmmaker Terrence Malick's favorite films. Now if you know anything about Malick his films are nothing like Ben Stiller's ZOOLANDER. I happen to be a Malick fan so I was curious. You know what, if you are in the right mood, ZOOLANDER is quite funny. Stiller and Owen Wilson are hilarious.

Gina And Hector E (fr) wrote: i like the number not the movie

Tommy H (it) wrote: People who don't care about government surveillance will find the movie boring. For everyone else it's a paranoid thriller with an important message. Is there any greater power then the ability to spy on anyone at anytime? "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Tim W (nl) wrote: Kind of funny. interesting, and of course great action. Even the storyline wasn't just a shoddy filler, but an engaging one (even though we've seen it a hundred times already)

AD V (br) wrote: Bruno Mattei has never been known for originality but this one takes the cake as it not only rips off ideas from Jaws but actually uses scenes from it...AND the sequels...AND it's older cousins, The Last Shark and Deep Blood. The only fun here though is trying to figure out which scene came from which film otherwise its a dull, eye rolling waste of time.

Donna D (gb) wrote: A silly movie about Medical Students in Mexico. It has some funny moments, but nothing more.

Michael M (ag) wrote: Really more of a 2 1/2 but the special effects were probably pretty cool in 1984 and you've got Martin Sheen and George C. Scott. I guess even in the 80's the book is always > movie.

Chris R (br) wrote: There are many types of horror movies: gore porn, slasher movies with jump scares galore, and the slow paced creepy and eerie atmospheric films. It seems with the success of Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring, the latter style is becoming more and more popular. It Follows follows (ahahahah... *ahem*) in the same vain.It is slow, but well-paced, has a great accompanying soundtrack which build on overbearing sense of dread. However, what it is not is scary. The problem lies within its premise. It is unique and interesting - an STD that comes with your own personal spirit-thing that tries to kill you. It slowly and unendingly walks towards you, and if it gets you, it kills you. The emphasis here is on the word slow. It doesn't even walk at a normal speed. You could just briskly walk away from it. At no point was there tension; at no point did I fear for the main character's (Jay played by Maika Monroe) life. All the atmosphere in the world can't save the film if I don't think the spirit is capable of killing their intended target.

Ty M (de) wrote: That one movie that's plot is decent, the acting is decent, but the movie is great.