Mauvaise passe

Mauvaise passe

Tom is a male escort boy for ladies, a gigolo. His friend Pierre doesn't find this out until later, when Tom takes him to a party without telling him why and they are paid by two lady clients.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:French,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escort,   gigolo,   author,  

Tom is a male escort boy for ladies, a gigolo. His friend Pierre doesn't find this out until later, when Tom takes him to a party without telling him why and they are paid by two lady clients. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd G (mx) wrote: Believe it or not, my first John Wayne film. This coming-of-age story shows an older John Wayne enlisting the help of 15 or so young men (boys at the outset) in order to run a 400 mile cattle drive. I must say, I absolutely loved this film. Truly loved it. My rating lacks one star because of the ending, which I will not reveal here for those who have yet to see the film

Barry T (us) wrote: A huge fan of Hoggs work and this is one of her earliest films. They are always the same slow deep brooding and well acted. Hiddleston is the star of this one. Its the story of a women who joins a family holiday and who harbours a secret.

John S (ru) wrote: Well this was a surprise. I can honestly say I didnt expect to like this film and it blew me away. At the end of the film I was in floods of tears. This film was superb.I've had this in my to watch box for some time, perhaps because my XBMC couldnt find the poster for it the film didnt look like it was worth watching with just a still from the movie to highlight it. Nevertheless going through my collection last night I decided to give it a go.I must say I wasn't too impressed to begin with, the film seemed to be about a director going on a bender getting drunk and trying to sleep with lots of women but it developed nicely and used the time jumping style of flitting between different periods of time without ever confusing you too much.The acting was good, the film was funny and emotionally engaging. There was much to praise in the storyline above all and I really felt for Noah when he found out the cancer had come back and he couldn't tell his wife who proceeded to go off at him for being aloof and so on. I'm sure this storyline has been done before but I have to say it worked for me anyway.The only surprise for me is that this film hasn't gathered more praise and attention as I thoroughly enjoyed it.This is a good example of British film making and the kind of stuff they do best. There should be more of this.

John C (es) wrote: Elegantly constructed "short story" of a movie, with a tricky and rather brilliant performance by Neve Campbelll. As always, the script by Toback crackles, as does his direction.

Jessica R (kr) wrote: Being the band geek that I am, I can relate a lot to this movie

Sondre L (it) wrote: Faktisk ganske mye kul vold her, brutalt, blodig, folk blir skutt ..mange ganger, og slossinga er kul. Men nr det ikke skjer noe, er det ganske kjedelig. Alts nr det ikke er action. Ogs fikk jeg ikke helt med meg slutten, men det var ikke fantastisk.

Gordon S (gb) wrote: a real groaner from what little I have retained

Francis S (ru) wrote: Really really awesome... until about the last 20 minutes.

Mark S (ru) wrote: Loved the Fosse dance numbers, especially "Hey Big Spender, The Aloof, The Heavyweight and Gotta Get Out. " Alternate ending is worth watching as well.

Dan B (br) wrote: It's surprising that this classic British thriller isn't more revered. A cracking whodunnit set against the tense background of wartime air raids, with a strong vein of gallows humour and an unbeatably ghoulish central performance. One of those films I feel compelled to watch if it's on. Top notch.

Marc L (ag) wrote: Admirable petite production du grand Lang. Moralit on sait faire des films ou on sait pas ! Un beau film noir. Les dernires cinq minutes sont plastiquement magnifiques

Phil S (jp) wrote: Very dumb, occasionally fun action flick.. which is a shame as Zoe Saldana gives it everything. When will Luc Besson start making decent movies again?

Dylan C (es) wrote: A movie whose purpose isn't to create a likeable protagonist or portray a conventionally engaging romance, but rather, almost in the vein of Taxi Driver (sans carnage) paint a portrait of existential angst and show the long-term effects of failure in reaching one's goals as a young adult.By no means the most entertaining movie I've ever watched, but it sure as hell makes be that much more eager to achieve what I set out to do and avoid the tragedy of Stiller's central character, and does have an underplayed execution that is nice change of pace for those who've seen their fair share of indie comedies.

Neil M (nl) wrote: One of my favorite cult films ever!

Marcus W (de) wrote: Interesting, but thankfully Martin Campbell has since gone on to working with better scripts.