Maverick is a gambler who would rather con someone than fight them. He needs an additional three thousand dollars in order to enter a Winner Take All poker game that begins in a few days. He tries to win some, tries to collect a few debts, and recover a little loot for the reward. He joins forces with a woman gambler with a marvelous southern accent as the two both try and enter the game.

The movie follows card-playing gunslinger Brett Maverick and his misadventures on the way to a major five-card draw poker tournament. In order to colltect enough money to enter the game, Brett faces various comic mishaps and challenges, including a charming woman thief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul N (de) wrote: Bright, affable mosaic soars when comic, but flops at romance. DelToro, Trapero, Suleiman and No (C)'s segments work best.

Jeff P (nl) wrote: An adult drama about a man (Michael Douglas) who has no interest in anyone but himself. Ahh, but that's the trick. Does he after all ? Supporting cast does a great job incl Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the student that Douglas's character mentors in a way, Imogen Poots, who plays the daughter of his girlfriend, Susan Sarandon, who plays his friend and ex-wife, and Danny Devito, who plays the son of a childhood friend.

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: "Well I just want you to know, dude, you just harshed my morning mellow."-Jack Mayweather (Woody Herrelson) Bro, like why don't any of this suits like this movie, dude?"I surf, and I'm a surfer, out theeeere."-Steve Addington (Matthew McConaughey)

Kenneth L (mx) wrote: Modern leftover NAZIs still seek the ancient alien scroll of superhuman rejuvenation & conquering battle skills that comes to which ever possessor chants the incantation of its magic power.

Jacky L (it) wrote: cheesy but entertaining. k,i 'fess, watched it cos there was claire forlani. hahaha, 'do supermodels fart?' stay for the end credits.

Colin G (br) wrote: A good movie if you love to garden

Andrew G (de) wrote: It's horrendous, but sometimes laughably so thanks to McConaughey's suitably over-the-top performance.

Lee M (ru) wrote: Offbeat, offhand, and at times off-the-wall, this looks and feels like a dogma 95 film 10 years before there were dogma 95 films. Gus Van Sant's feature film debut is gritty, dirty, lyrical, and altogether sensual.

Steve W (es) wrote: A classic martial arts movie, not just because Jackie Chan is in it, but because it a nice combined effort of many things. The story is good, the fight scenes and training are plenty, and you have an incredible villain with Thunderleg. (played by Hwang Jang Lee) This movie was the one that shot Jackie Chan into stardom in China, and its a martial arts movie classic.

Paul B (fr) wrote: Un Dupontel genial. Une perle d'humour noire, bien trash mais qui sait aussi etre emouvante.

Perry W (it) wrote: This movie was just as funny as the first and the stupidity that both characters displayed made you really feel like they were actually that dumb and stupid. Just try not to set your expectations high.