In 1918, a young, disillusioned Adolph Hitler strikes up a friendship with a Jewish art dealer while weighing a life of passion for art vs. talent at politics

A film studying the depiction of a friendship between an art dealer named Rothman and his student, Adolf Hitler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay D (mx) wrote: First things first. You will be disappointed if you expect SDR to be just like its name. SDR is excellent because it doesn't concentrate on rich urban kids of any metropolitan/Tier I cities instead entire setting is between confused middle class youths of Tier II cities, here Jaipur.After above average Band Baaja Baraat(2010) & pathetic Ladies V/s Ricky Bahl(2011), Maneesh Sharma redeems himself with SDR. Apart from his directorial tricks, there are many redeeming factors in this movie but the prime factor is Jaideep Sahni's story, screenplay & dialogues.Jaideep Sahni has juggled in many genres with his writing for films like Company(Mafia/Crime saga), Khosla Ka Ghosla(Revenge Comedy), Chak De India!(Patriotic/Sports) & extremely underrated Rocket Singh(Drama) but this is his first full blown rom-com. Screenplay gives us a feeling that Sahni & Sharma actually researched a lot before writing their screenplay. Script works even better when certain typical bollywood cliches are ignored by Sahni. For example, institution of Marriage is thrown out. Any middle class youth just crossing 25 must know how it feels when parents start nagging him/her with marriage proposals. Here smartly parents are avoided as 2 of the 3 leads are orphans while other has a dad who we never see on screen. Sahni delivers a cracker with modern middle class youth's take on fake institution of marriage & Live-in-relationship with wonderful use of thanda, Bathrooms & kiss. His dialogues are an absolute fun.On the performance front, Sushant Singh Rajput as thodasa-buddhu-thodasa-chaalu Raghu is adorable & convincing while Parineeti Chopra's act is nothing short of award winning. She is the kind of girl, every guy would like to date. Vaani Kapoor even in her debut gives a wonderful performance. Her screen presence is terrific. And then there is Rishi Kapoor as wedding planner Goyal in one of the most charming performances in his entire career. He gets the accent & mannerisms right for a marvadi person who fears that the modern outlook of youths may stop his wedding business.On technical front, Manu Anand captures Jaipur superbly in his camera while Sachin Jigar's music is their best attempt till date while their background score is perfect considering the hilarious situations. Namrata Rao's editing is crisp & never ever we feel bore while production designs are authentic. Shanoo Sharma's casting is brilliant specially the side actors who play Raghu's friends.

Sujata S (jp) wrote: Interesting take on time travel and how it can be used to better family life.

Olly H (it) wrote: berflssige actionkomdie

Stephen C (ag) wrote: Really wants to be the ADHD of One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Rakesh N (de) wrote: Impressed that the lead actress (Rie) directed, edited and acted in the movie... Keeps you engrossed the whole 2 hrs, Beautifully portraying the flash backs in kosovo with the present Marseille.

Andrei P (gb) wrote: The sets are uninspired, the acting is terrible, the CG is so-so, and it exerts a pretentious and bland effect on you that makes you realize--and stay adamant to--the fact that this movie blows space chunks.

Gavran R (de) wrote: I threw up twice and STILL like the movie

Jason D (mx) wrote: I have a high tolerance for director Dante Tomaselli's work. Tomaselli is always going a different route with his films by being insanely over-the-top in surrealism and imagery. In the aptly titled Horror, the loose storyline to this film would be 5 escaped rehab patients (one of which is is rising scream queen Raine Brown) who road trip in a van while tripping on a bag filled to the top with an assortment of drugs and alcohol. The bag was given to them by a sadistic preacher whose house they are going to to stay at. Once there, all sorts of bizarre and horrific things begin happening. There are pumpkin demons, ghost children, torture devices, ample amount of colorful puke scenes, aaaaand Zombies. From scene to scene, the abundance of imagery is astounding and Tomaselli manages to punch it into your head until you are left exhausted and not sure what you just watch. This film is definitely a horror film but it's really hard to place it, as well as understand, which accounts for many, if not all, of the poor reviews for this film. I like Dante Tomaselli's work. He's unique and original, as is this film. It's definitely low budget. Recommended only for the most patient of horror film fans, not to mention fans of independent horror. Also, look for a small cameo from Sleepaway Camp's Felissa Rose in this Mind-bending film.

emily h (jp) wrote: weird, loved the cast,

charles s (au) wrote: Tell me if this plot sounds familiar; a woman hears about candyman, she doesn't believe he is real, but candyman shows up, tells the woman that he wants her as his victim, he kills people and then dissapears, framing the woman for the murders. Now gee, that sounds like the plot of the first candyman, doesn't it? well if you also guessed that I was summarizing candyman 3, then you would also be right. This movie tries to rehash the first candyman's plot with little to no new story elements. The second candyman was terrible but at least it tried to do something new with kind of an origin story to candyman. This film has terrible acting (with the exception of tony todd), award dialogue, and overall, its just a clumsily directed and lazily scripted film that is just mildly entertaining due to the film being so terrible that it's laughable.

Kinohi N (mx) wrote: Moody and atmospheric: the mise-en-scene perfectly captures Melville's vision of Pierre's life once he commits to Isabelle. Overall, though, Carax's writing lacks some depth, as it reduces the original, confounding narrative to a simple story about a young man taking his presumed half-sister (and Eastern European refugee) under his wing. The shift is decisive, overlaying an untenable allegory about recent immigration to France onto Melville's exploration of love, duty, and incest.

Emod L (jp) wrote: 62%Its main character steals the show and the story is still thin, but this sequel's change of setting and better pacing make it a large improvement over its predecessor.

Hayden H (de) wrote: That scene in the cafe! That's all I'm going to say. Watch and you will understand.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: A treat on many levels. Daddy reads a story to wiseguy Jr, Asta proves his courage, and Mother trumps them all with her bravery in the end. Watch for future stars Roger Moore, Donna Reed, legendary Stella Adler, & also Louise Beavers.

Maymay A (br) wrote: I would've appreciated it more if I saw it as a play instead of as a film. Still, the actors were all superb especially Al Pacino.