Max & Co

Max & Co

15-year-old Max is in search of his father, the famous troubadour Johnny Bigoude, who disappeared shortly after Max's birth. He reaches Saint-Hilare where Madam Doudou, the old teacher, takes care of him and finds him a job as elevator musician in the fly swatter factory Bzzz & Co. But the factory doesn't run well and half of the village gets fired. To boost the swatter sales, a dangerous scientist creates a mass production of flies. Soon, a thick cloud of insects attacks the village... With courage and determination, Max and his new friend Félicie will do their best to neutralize the insane projects of Bzzz&Co. Will they manage to convince the villagers to help them in this adventure? All together will they stop the scientist's crazy handlings? And will Max find his father?

15-year-old Max is in search of his father, the famous troubadour Johnny Bigoude, who disappeared shortly after Max's birth. He reaches Saint-Hilare where Madam Doudou, the old teacher, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark W (us) wrote: Funny parody of Miller's Crossing type gangster movies... Helps cure one's 'ennui'!

Luciana P (gb) wrote: I enjoyed the movie, didn't think it was going to be all that great at first...'til the Bear appears and then the action is non-stop!

Nathan S (es) wrote: Kinda true, in a fictional narrative sense. A woman's obsession with Bryan Adams while maintaining enough intellect to run the asylum without official leaders being assistance for the patients. It's a film that is enjoyable and very quirky. It is overall decent.

Thomas W (ru) wrote: Un asco de pelicula. Realmente un asco. Pretenciosa a mas no poder y copia de Requiem For a Dream en demasiadas tomas y situaciones. Todo el elenco apesta en cuanto a actuaciones me refiero, a excepcion de Miguel Rodarte (que hace casi el mismo personaje que en Cansada de Besar Sapos) y el otro amigo gay; de ahi en fuera, ni Ana de la Reguera se salva y me atrevo a decir que es su peor actuacion por mucho.La pelicula pretende ser cruda y fuerte, pero llega a ser peor que una telenovela. Realmente de mal gusto. El guion es de lo mas espantoso que puede haber, con dialogos cero creibles y pequeas marcaciones fuera de lo normal. Gabriela Platas hace algo que da pena ajena, e Ingrid Martz tambien. No entiendo como Ana se presto para algo asi.NO LA VEAN. No vale la pena desperdiciar dos horas de su vida en esta cochinada. Prefiero ver La Segunda Noche, que por lo menos entretiene y sus cuatro protagonistas actuan mejor que estas tres.

Lucy B (jp) wrote: Lynch follows in the footsteps of her father with this film which is both dark and confounding. At times surreal the film reveals the sinister events surrounding a multiple murder through the testimonies of 3 survivors. Lynch manages to create a film rich in atmosphere though lacking in consistent narrative. Though this helps to reflect the confusion of the events of the murder, muddied by the inconsistent testimonies of the survivors, it at times loses the momentum built up without sufficient pay off. Despite this the overall effect of the film is to cleverly place the viewer in the mindset of both villain and victim simultaneously.Desolate landscapes are juxtaposed with small, claustrophobic rooms as the action of the films swerves between past and present, mirroring the external and internal, the objective and subjective views of the witnesses.

Tara A (kr) wrote: Preposterously long, given the subject. And the endless parade of human misery is really exhausting.

Claire T (gb) wrote: ok film but expected better, I just thought the film was a little crap and a little wierd and I won't watch it again, I didn't think this fillm was a good film and I don't think I will watch this film again

Pedro G (ru) wrote: Nice and soft, but totally blockbuster.

Michael T (mx) wrote: Nothing special about this Herzog film.

Jo T (fr) wrote: Revenge, in it's most brutal, and unforgiving form. The complete disregard of humanity and lack of remorse shown by the men makes you almost enjoy the chilling payback she deals out in the end. And its all the better, in vintage cinema.

Martin T (de) wrote: Kind of like "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" if Mitty was a young Malcolm McDowell type. Very watchable and also funny, in that reserved British way. I liked the ending.

Deborah F (es) wrote: I admired the way the Green lantern evolved past his irresponsibly to take up the torch of doing the right thing to help others, noble.

Ed C (it) wrote: One line summary: The sequel was slightly (but not significantly) better than the original.------------------- The sequel takes up immediately after the point where the first film ended. Pike got free and continues to look for Chad at the behest of Phillip Turk. Turk is emerging as a world leader. Cooper has been imprisoned by Pike, and Cooper unexpectedly gives his captors a strong clue (Chad's brother's last location) to Chad's current whereabouts. Pike's forces close in on Chad as he prepares to depart his brother's last home. Chad finds a way to locate Dr Siriwat, who was a leader in the chip program. He tries for a meeting, but is intercepted by Pike's men. Do they find Dao's sister alive? Does Chad survive having the chip inside him? Will Turk get control of Chad? Can anyone undermine Pike's pursuit?-------Scores------- Cinematography: 6/10 The camera work was better than in the first film. There were fewer minutes of shaky camera, for instance. The flashbacks were unpleasant to look at from the choice of filtering techniques. Sound: 6/10 The voices of many of the actors seemed hollow. The incidental music was a bit florid for my taste. Acting: 3/10 Wretched. The male leads, Sheffer, Gary Daniels, Ivan Kamaras, were all terrible. Eric Roberts was better, but only in a small part. Sonia Couling and Johann Helf were also somewhat better. Most of the actors in the bit parts were quite bad. Screenplay: 2/10 The dialog was repeatedly awkward where Christian messages were forcibly injected. As a tool to convince people of a point of view, I think this movie was a failure. As with the first film, there was not much story stretched over 94 minutes. Some of the chase scenes looked like very poor imitations of the fourth Bourne film. The ending more than hinted at a sequel. SFX: 5/10 Neither convincing nor horribly bad; just so-so.