Max Pinlig 2 - sidste skrig

Max Pinlig 2 - sidste skrig

Now after two years is Max and his crazy mom back!

Now after two years is Max and his crazy mom back! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Max Pinlig 2 - sidste skrig torrent reviews

Erik H (br) wrote: interesting idea and pretty cool, except that it didn't totally cut into me. it actually felt a tiny bit long, and the husband was p weakly portrayed. the supernatural reveal was p great though, and that component of the story seemed relatively fresh. however, the flashback sequences were pretty lame, and they kinda handled dale like a comic book villain, which didn't do anything for me. fun ending, though.

JayJay R (ca) wrote: It was not a good movie it was even worse than first belly It was even all good of ganaster movie and a really bad storyline

Robert B (fr) wrote: The documentary is very well put-together. It traces the history and the impact of the world's most ubiquitous typeface. If you are fascinated by design and love to hear different peoples' opinions on why things work and why not, then you will enjoy Helvetica.

Marla R (ag) wrote: Too funny, as funny as the first Hangover

Sparky J (jp) wrote: A visually stunning movie that plays out in an unpredictable, beautiful, well filmed style. The sense of the extra ordinary is portrayed in almost every ordinary occurrence within the film. It has a magical timeless feel to it that just captivates you from the word GO! The music is exquisite, especially the deep cello that adds atmosphere to the entire movie. This was also one of the first lesbian movies I watched where one or both of the main characters doesn't end up killing herself, being killed, going straight or any other grotty ending! I'll grant I can't give it a 100% because there are small and odd flaws in it that you can't help but notice. (Like at the end when you wonder to yourself, now is the dog alive again or is this the beginning of a zombie movie?) All in all though it is a feast for the eyes, the ears and the brain! Watch it and marvel.

Nicholas H (ag) wrote: Much like Fear of a Black Hat, there's some laughs here, but it's not enough to support the film's length.

Cliff B (fr) wrote: One of the best films I grew up watching.

Cameron F (nl) wrote: Father and daughter bond and hit the road to visit prospective colleges. It's a cutesy kid film but the cuteness can be infectious.

Carlos I (fr) wrote: I wouldn't recommend this...