When Nick and Jan move into their new apartment in San Francisco, the batty landlady upstairs tells them about a girl who used to live there in the 20's: a brash young party girl named Maxie, who died in a car crash the morning before her big audition for a Hollywood studio. The trouble is, Maxie, or rather her ghost, hasn't left the house. Worse, she can take over Jan's body. And the only way she's going to leave is if she gets that audition.

A 1920s flapper who haunts her old house possesses a dull housewife who just moved in. Hilarity ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (us) wrote: It takes a while to get there, but Inhale eventually emerges as a tense and morally complex thriller with a devastating twist. It's very well acted too,I say SEE IT!!!

Rakisha K (ru) wrote: I love Idris Elba. 'Nuff Said.

Anna Q (fr) wrote: As I've said before, I only like my Brittany Murphy in Clueless.

Carlos D (au) wrote: this movie might not be very good at setting a strong and coherent plot but the good acting it's worth watching.

Dax S (de) wrote: Loved this movie, a little underrated in my opinion.