An Ancient Mayan curse is awakened in the ancient temples in Mexico, and people are killed in strange and gory ways by an invisible force.

An Ancient Mayan curse is awakened in the ancient temples in Mexico, and people are killed in strange and gory ways by an invisible force. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (it) wrote: Standard Hollywood operating procedure is to take an exceptional film in a foreign language and make it over in the most turgid fashion imaginable. This Hong Kong thriller is on exactly the right lines in taking the superlative premise that was let down by shoddy handling in 2004's Chris Evans/Kim Basinger vehicle "Cellular", and improving on it by several notches. The set-up is identical - a kidnapped woman manages to place a call to the mobile of a complete stranger, obliging him to investigate the crime - but "Connected" gains a dimension from the off by making the stranger in question (Koo) not some bland hunk on board to pull in a particular demographic, but a fully grown, frazzled debt collector busy enough trying to get across town to see a son from whom he's become increasingly estranged. (And in a succession of hilariously mid-range cars, at that.)... This version busts out some tremendous stunt driving moves (worth the rental price on their own), but also preserves [original writer Larry] Cohen's best jokes, like the distracted mobile phone salesman the hero encounters at one point. Even if you know how it's likely to play out, there's something marvellous in the way it takes an original that was middling, with some nice William H. Macy moments, and transforms it into a genuinely witty and suspenseful watch: the action - including a last-reel forklift truck rampage (!) - is all director Benny Chan's own, but the framing brings it closer than anyone expected to the version of "Cellular" Hitchcock would have made.

Dan S (kr) wrote: watch on comedy central not to bad. for an evening of boredom. beer and snowboarding why not!

Dustin P (gb) wrote: Richard Linklater classic about a group of friends hanging out by a 7-11 waiting to meet up with their former friend turned rock star "Pony." Great soundtrack featuring Sonic Youth and memorable performances from Parker Posy, Steve Zahn, Giovanni Ribisi, and Nicky Katt. From the fake cheesiness of Pony to the awesome blow up from Giovanni Ribisi's character Jeff after hearing one of Pony's songs, this movie is the gift that keeps on giving.

Dusty L (nl) wrote: 85% on my Tomatometer.

Joe M (de) wrote: From its very beginning, did nothing to grab me. Then the whole clash of cultures began with the Vikings playing the heavies. I just started fast forwarding through most of it and didn't miss anything of note. Don't waste your time.

Kristoffer H (de) wrote: Cult film av Ken Russel. Anthony Perkins er stor i denne filmen.

Alexandra M (nl) wrote: *Insert Fat Bastard joke here*

Keenan S (ca) wrote: I had never even heard of this film until I got it in a 20-pack of action films (Though this is certainly not an action film), but I was blown away by it. I found it to be a gripping, emotional, and thrilling prison drama about two women who are wrongly accused and convicted of crimes and are forced to work on a prison farm where they are abused and girls are killed. It's a beautifully made film that really needs more attention because it is quite good. This is one hell of a diamond in the rough, I must say. I'm glad I randomly found it because it is one of the best film watching surprises I've ever had.

J F (gb) wrote: Solid but nothing more.

Scott R (au) wrote: Weak from many points of view, but good for one viewing.

Panos Y (es) wrote: 6.5/10 It's an Adam Sandler romantic family comedy with a few good laughs. Better than expected.