Maya Bazar

Maya Bazar

The daily life of Ramesh (Mammootty) gets changed once he see the corpse of an another person who has got a similar look with him.

Maya Bazaar is a place in a village called Mayannoor where people buy salvaged cars for their parts. Rameshan (Mammootty) is a leading man of the bazaar. With the money he earns, he feeds patients at the local hospital. A young girl who lives in Maya Bazaar called Maya loves Rameshan, but Rameshan does not have any feelings for her. Rameshan has a rival gang led by Bhadran (Kalabhavan Mani) and Bhadran wants to marry Maya. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Maya Bazar torrent reviews

Stafford V (gb) wrote: A nice quirky movie.

Barry T (mx) wrote: Cute and very funny in parts. Love Hynes she is great in everything and nice to see Marsden as the leading man

Dylan G (it) wrote: Not the funniest movie ever, but it still offers a few chuckles and cringes here and there to make this a watchable comedy! B

Jena P (kr) wrote: Very fukced up! otherwie acting was flawless

Bill W (nl) wrote: An entertaining if silly comedy. With Powell and Loy - how good is that?

Karsh D (ru) wrote: Low budget cult movie which the americans churned out practically every week in the eighties. If you've seen Swamp Thing or Toxic Avenger and liked them then you need to see this....if not do something else instead.